Thursday, January 12, 2012

You Gotta be Kidding!

Hello everyone and welcome to the Vortex where lies and falsehoods are trapped and
exposed. I’m Michael Voris
Now .. under the category of .. SERIOUSLY?!? .. Last week .. a little firestorm started up
on the campaign trail because a Baptist minster made a comment that Mormonism is a
Mitt Romney is Mormon and that was the context of the comment. When pressed further
on the topic .. Rev. Robert Jeffrees .. a senior pastor at the first Baptist Church in Dallas didn’t back down .. although he did get more specific.
He said he wasn’t talking about a sociological cult .. like Charles Manson or Jim Jones ..but a theological cult. He said that Christianity has never viewed Mormons as
Christians .. and he’s actually right there.
But then he went on further and here’s where it gets ridiculous. He asked rhetorically COULD Mormonism be Christian .. get this now .. because the Mormons came on the scene 1800 years after Jesus .. have their own book in addition to the authentic scriptures and have their own doctrines.
Awesome. Really! He just perfectly summed up why PROTESTANTISM is a heresy ..
meaning the Baptist faith, evangelical faith Pentecostal faith .. Episcopalianism ..
Presbyterianism .. and all the other 40-thousand protestant denominations.
It’s especially rich coming from a Baptist preacher. He points out that Mormonism is not really Christian .. and rightly so .. because it only began 1800 years after Jesus. LOL!
Yep. Those Johnny come lately Mormons. Nothing like that time tested enduring
authentic expression of Christianity known as Baptist which began MUCH closer in time
to Christ .. only 1600 years after the Ascension.
A HAH! The Mormons aren’t real Christians because they started 1800 years after the
ascension .. they obviously missed the 1600 years later cutoff that allowed the Baptists to sneak in under the wire.
Then on to his point about the Mormons having their own Scriptures. Yea. Again true
enough. They have the Bible .. the wrong one by the way The King James .. and also
have the book of mormon .. a strange strange book if there ever was one as far as
religious writs go.But what the preacher fails to recognize.. again .. is that all of the 40 thousand Protestant
sects .. one of which HE belongs to .. also have their own set of scriptures manifested in two ways.
One .. the Protestant Bible is incomplete owning to Martin Luther and his zippo box
cutter where he cut out 7 .. count ‘em SEVEN whole books from the Bible .. the same
bible which had been in use for over a thousand years and still is to this day.
He also carved certain chapters and passages of other books leaving them deficient ..
even on the best of days. He was ready to go to town on the New Testament as well
before his slightly .. slightly .. more sober reformation pals told him to chill out and put the knife down. Add to this that he essentially said his new and deformed Bible could be interpreted by anyone to mean whatever they wanted it to mean. And this happens every single Sunday in tens of thousands of Protestant pulpits week after week .. century after century.
So in the end you have nearly the very same situation among the 40 thousand heretical
Protestant faiths .. that preacher Jeffrees is complaining about with the Mormons.
And as to the a different set of doctrines.HA. Have you taken a survey of Protestant
doctrines lately? They cant even agree among themselves. Episcopalians cheer
homosexuality .. the Baptists don’t. Presbyterians allow women clergy .. Pentecostals
don’t least some of them, others do. Abortion yes. Abortion no.Fundamentalists
like one thing ..Congregationalists don’t.
Some followers of Calvin support all five of his points known as TULIP which stands
for: Total Depravity, Unconditional election Limited Atonement Irresistible Grace ..
Perseverance of the Saints.
Now some others only support three of those.And still some like four.. but others are
less risky and back only two. C’mon. There is more variety .. which really means
confusion and theological chaos. among Protestants and their so-called doctrines then
there are choices of French or Italian wine.
By the way.There’s another theological war among Protestants.Is alcohol allowed or is
not? When it comes to varying doctrines among Protestants the hits just keep coming.
Now when it comes unchanging doctrine .. one solid ratified forever Scriptural text with only one authentic interpretation and an unbroken line back to the Apostles and Jesus Christ Himself .. perhaps the real point that needs to be made is NOT why Mormonism is not authentically Christian .. which it isn’t .. but why men like preacher Jeffreess haven’t followed their own correct observations out to their logical conclusion and converted to the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Faith.
And just think .. your mother always told you .. never talk about politics or religion. This election is gonna be FUUUUUNNNNN!
GOD Love You.
I’m Michael

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