Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Save the unborn from the UN

UN Agency wants to keep pro-lifers out of UN Abortion conference…
…help us fight back…

The lobbyist from the UN Population Fund (UNFPA) stalks the UN conference room like a hunter. She circles around and around looking her prey. Her prey is any UN delegate who dares to protect the unborn child from abortion.
This hunter strikes hard and fast whenever a UN delegate dares to stand up to UNFPA and its pro-abortion allies.
My staff has watched her work.
A year ago, a delegate from a very small country dared to take her countries name off of a UN resolution because she feared it would be used to promote abortion. The UNFPA lobbyist pounced:
“If you take your country’s name off this resolution I will make sure your country loses financial support.”
Remember, that most small countries at the UN are desperately poor and need money from almost any source they can get. This is the hammer held over their heads by unscrupulous lobbyists like the lobbyist from UNFPA.
We are there. We know. We watch and then we tell the world.
That is why UNFPA has attacked C-FAM and the Friday Fax on the front page of their website.
That is why UNFPA personnel have said the work of C-FAM and the Friday Fax is CRIMINAL.
Get that, protecting the unborn child is criminal.
That is why when UNFPA just announced an important UN conference in Berlin this summer, they made it clear that the C-FAM and the Friday Fax along with any other pro-life group is not welcome and won’t be allowed in.
The meeting is something called the Global NGO Forum. It takes place on September 2-4 in Berlin, Germany. It will be a preparatory committee meeting for the upcoming 15th anniversary of the Cairo Conference on Population and Development.
This was the conference way back in 1994 where John Paul the Great and pro-lifers from around the world gathered to stop the pro-abortionists from getting a global right to abortion. We banded together and we stopped them. We stopped them at Cairo+5 and we stopped them at Cairo+10.
Now with their powerful pro-abortion ally in the White House, Barack Obama they are back and will stop at nothing to advance a right to tear an unborn child limb from limb.
The reason they hate the Friday Fax so much is that we are always in the room watching them. And then we tell the world about their vicious antics. And the thing they hate the most? We are not afraid of them.
Friends, if you go to the C-FAM website and do a site search on UNFPA you will find dozens and dozens of Friday Faxes about them. You will find research papers. C-FAM and the Friday Fax are among the world experts on the UN Population Fund.
That is why they want to keep us out


Monday, April 13, 2009

Liberal Democrates = Communists

Nancy Pelosi has stated that she wants to "redistribute the wealth" of
America, by taxing the money earned in the 401k and retirement accounts. If
you take one look that the empty eyes(the windows of the soul) of Mrs Pelosi,
you will know what an empty brain she has.
To start with Mrs Pelosi, that money that is put into the retirment accounts,
and later forced to be taken out by the federal government to be taxed as
income at 70-1/2 will then be taxed on a double scale. The money saved in the
retirement accounts is taxed upon being taken out, she wants to tax the growth
of the money in the retirement account on any interest it earns while in the
retirement account. Once that money growth is taxed on the interest or any
she and her socialists in congress have been there all through President Bush,
and were still making the laws through the Senate and the House of
representatives. This congress has had the worse record of any other congress
since the start of our government, at the point that the "Polls"(who never
tell the truth) stated that President Bush had the lowest ratings he had ever
voters (I believe that this was election was hijacked by Acorn ..et al.)
to keep the same terrible congress in place while electing a neo Muslim,
Socialist, America hater,
has removed any check and balance that our founders had put into place to
ensure that the country would always have a body to balance any of the parties
in power. This is not the case now,and is a legal form of Dictatorship,
without being called that. By forcing the American people to be taxed
unmercifully, is what had happened to the great Roman empire as they had
complained that
"we are taxed even on the air we breath". This super taxing will not only
destroy the American capabilities of recovering, but will threaten the whole
world, which is what brought down the world in the Great Depression.

In addition to the American people not having the resources to rebound, nor
having the spending abilities to keep our economy solvent, in addition the
U.N. had always been supported by the American people. Obama, and Pelosi and
their Socialistic agenda will tax the American people to death, inorder to
spend YOUR MONEY as they feel they would like to spend it. Sound like
DICTATORSHIP? It does to me, as the Americans will be giving their hard earned
wages, and retirements to people to enjoy themselves. They talk about the
rich, but look at how those people live, and spend your money. Billions on
"Global Warming", which a majority of scientists disagree is happening, and
which was the brainstorm of a disgrunted failure, Al Gore, who saw a way to
gain some spotlight in the world, without having to be chosen for it. And true
to form, proving what a large amount of idiots are in the world,they jumped
into the "Sky is falling, the Sky is falling" scenario, and
all of those looking to make money, to blame those that have money through
years and years of hard work, to have someone to blame for their failures, and
to bring them down to their levels. Which of us would not want to stay home
and not have to go out to work, and still have a nice house, car, money to
They tried this approach with the welfare system, and all it did was to create
drug users,
malcontents, feeling of be useless in the society,and to get involved in
criminal behavior.
The United States was at its best when people worked hard at whatever job they
had, felt a pride in whatever job they did, and were proud of the products
they produced. Now we are being told that as hard as you work, you will have
most of it taken away from you, and given to those who do not want to work, or
can not find a job as the CEO of a company, and not start out as a beginner in
that company and work their way up the ladder.

Itzik Janowitz

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Pope Benedict XVI All to receive the Host on their knees, and on their tongue

While the Holy Father has made it clear that the reception of Holy Communion kneeling and on the tongue is his preference and is now his practice at Papal Masses, as you can see in the video below, Msgr. Jim Lisante has recently tried to mandate that First Communicants at his parish may only receive Holy Communion in the hand.

At the meeting for parents of First Communicants at his parish this last month, Msgr. Lisante apparently informed the parents that their children could only receive their First Communion in the hand at their First Communion Mass in May. After all, they were told, the apostles didn't receive Holy Communion at the Last Supper on the tongue.

Fortunately, an astute observer---appointed under the previous regime---was able to convince the pastor that forcing children to receive Communion in the hand is against Church law, something our easygoing, "make-it-up-as-you-go-alo ng" pastor, a former Chancery official, and a long-time monsignor,(having been appointed in his early 30's) didn't seem to know.

As it stands now, thanks to the quick intervention of the above-mentioned observer, the 2009 First Communion class will be instructed on the reception of Holy Communion both in the hand and on the tongue, and the latter option will be available to them at their First Communion Mass.

Are we to believe Bishop Murphy's claim that Msgr. Jim Lisante is the best possible choice for the spiritual lives of the people of Our Lady of Lourdes when, in addition to distorting the Church's teaching on marriage and family, as has been amply demonstrated on this blog, he can't even seem to get the Church's discipline straight on the manner in which Holy Communion is to be distributed?

Now here's a thought: Since we all know Bishop Murphy has invested too much political capital in Msgr. Lisante to ever admit he has made a serious mistake in sending him to OLL, how about him asking instead for the resignation of the 3-member clerical panel who ostensibly recommended this disastrous mismatch in the first place?

Just askin'....

(Be sure to watch the video below of Pope Benedict distributing Holy Communion to a long line of people at one of his outdoor Masses in the Vatican. At 4:14 is another little girl receiving her First Communion.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

ListeningIn, back then you posted from Laguna Niguel, Ca?

Did you know Lisante from then? And Mathew Blockley entered into Covina Ca..hmmmm
Oct 27, 2008
catholiceye wrote:
Everyone at OLL was ready to welcome Msgr. Lisante when he came, but he and Fr. Blockley started right off the bat with the removal of a much loved statue from the altar which was put in a cleaning closet, which upset MANY people in the parish greatly.
Only after a lot of complaints was the statue returned to the church, and then the parishioners discovered Blockley was a suspended priest without permission from his bishop or Bishop Murphy to be here, and he was expelled from the diocese, a punishment reserved for priests in the most severe cases--pedophiles, scandals, even criminals.
There was never one word of apology from Msgr. Lisante for either of these things. He never once reached out to the people he had offended, despite their many calls, emails and letters and, to make matters worse, installed a very questionable character as music minister and, adding insult to injury, went after Fr. Mason in an obvious and very clumsy attempt to silence his rightful critics.
It doesn't matter if you're liberal or conservative, management like this is just plain irresponsible, immoral and inept and the parishioners have every right to be hurt and angry about it.

ListenIn answered with:

So if Msgr. Lisante spoke with these people who are complaining and angrily criticizing him, it would all end?

And yet when I posted a conciliatory proposal, I was accused of EXTORTION

I guess you like the attention ListeningIn!

Oct 27, 2008
Look, I despise the things Lisante is doing at OLL. I also realize that statues & photo-ops at St. Thomas have little relevancy here. "RED HERRING ALERT" whenever you see that.

I would think the other priest at OLL that you mentioned would love the fact that he is running the parish since Lisante is never there. But let's not muddy the waters... while we all know that this "other priest" essentially STARTED this whole mess with his "first moves" in this matter... back in July, the fact IS that Lisante shows a dangerous disregard for Church law regarding his EXPLANATION of the whole self induced Blockley mess and his "shoot the messenger" attitude.

It was "this other priest" who said "THIS WHOLE BLOCKLEY MATTER IS OVERBLOWN by a fringe few, HE WILL BE BACK IN THE PARISH WITHIN 2 WEEKS". Well PS, Blockley is still MIA/Awol! Either our "other priest" was LIED TO, or he was BEING LIED TO. I hope he realizes that he is being played the fool in all of this. It's ironic. He is basically a good man.

While Lisante is off gallivanting in CA, the "other priests" have to carry Diamond Jim’s water! I can tell you that they are not all pleased with the situation either. That goes for most of the parishioners that Lisante has not "bought off" with his "charm and promises".

Guess ListeningIn has been getting it for some time

Oct 27, 2008
Hey ListeningIn!

You say “He didn't even want to be there for 1 month, and anyone who knows him knows that….”. THIS IS INTERESTING! You are saying then that Lisante LIED to the parish then in his FIRST BULLETIN message when he said HE ASKED FOR THIS PARISH!

Boy you are not really helping him very much!

I think most of the folks at OLL see Lisante’s bulletin messages as transparent and rather lacking in “self examination”.

All of the parishioners I spoke to yesterday over in the main church and in the parking lot feel he is “campaigning” more than leading.

They see his trying to vilify Newsday for example as an attempt to shoot the messenger… and folks are beginning to realize that the retired pastor is really just under “house arrest” as someone put it.

If Fr. Mason ever challenged Lisante publicly they would kick him out of that little apartment so fast… I know for a FACT that Msgr. Lisante had the 20 Wanderer newspapers removed from the parish book rack, simply because he did not want the parishioners to read an historical account of Lisante’s own bumblings.

This is how it is with a liberal, if they don’t like the mesasage, they simply destroy the messanger. It’s the “fairness doctrine, Lisante style”.

Lisante might be fine for some parish that simply wants to fulfill their Sunday obligation and be run by proxy (like letting the other priests essentially run the place), but he has too much baggage for OLL… and I think that baggage is going to eventually weigh him down in the coming months/years.
Jericho, NY

Effects of Rapanaro's Gay affiliation

Here's the letter an OLL parishioner has given me permission to publish on the blog. He sent this to Msgr. Lisante last November in order to share his legitimate concerns over the appointment of Mr. Peter Rapanaro as music minister at Our Lady of Lourdes parish---despite the fact that, as has been meticulously documented on this blog he directed the blasphemous and obscene 2002 off-Broadway production of "My Big Gay Italian Wedding" at the Actor's Playhouse in Greenwich Village.

As noted in the last post, this excellent letter was never answered by the Monsignor. It's simply unfathomable that the man who sent such a sincere, sympathetic and courteous letter was completely ignored by the Lisante Team. Here was a parishioner who clearly would have been a valuable ally of the new pastor if his concerns had only been addressed in some way.

I congratulate the author on his fine Christian attempt to iron out this conflict.

Dear Monsignor,

It is with great unfortunate sadness that I feel compelled to inform you that, after being a loyal and constant spiritual and financial supporter of the parish of Our Lady of Lourdes for the past ten years, I feel obligated to temporarily divert my weekly donations to other worthy Catholic charities.

My family and I are having great difficulty reconciling our feelings toward a recent change at the parish, and I am simply taking this opportunity to explain myself.

My young family and I are in no way opposed to change or reform in any way per se. In many mundane and otherwise situations, the phrase,“There’s always room for improvement” can be effectively applied with successful and positive results. Originally my wife and I were very happy to learn of your appointment to Our Lady of Lourdes, and eagerly awaited the ways in which you would become a new and exciting addition to our beautiful, devoted spiritual family.

I have continued to attend masses and functions at Our Lady of Lourdes since your arrival, and have observed changes and alterations of varying degrees in the parish accompanied by your weekly addresses in the bulletin. I have seen most of these changes as either basically cosmetic, or simply a different point of view, and have been able to continue to support you and your vision of how we can all move on and live and love in the Lord together.

Unfortunately, the incident that has left me unable to negotiate my continued financial support of the parish is the employment of Mr. Peter Rapanaro. I have no personal problem with Mr. Rapanaro; the Lord has blessed him with a wonderful gift, and using such a gift to serve both God and man is truly the worthiest of endeavors. Nevertheless, my predicament based on the current situation remains unaffected. The facts remain that Mr. Rapanaro is currently a public advocate for homosexual marriage, and is simultaneously receiving monies from the parish of Our Lady of Lourdes through his employment. This I cannot support.

In the past, my wife and I have given Our Lady of Lourdes all the financial support we possibly could. As much or as little as it could be at times, we knew it was our responsibility nonetheless. We realize full well that heating the church in the winter costs money; cooling it in the summer costs money; keeping the food pantry stocked costs money; maintaining the school costs money; and the lists goes on and on. We are happy to sacrifice all we can for these more than worthy causes.

Mr. Rapanaro continues to advertise proudly his directorships of both of his blasphemous theatrical productions throughout various media, especially his biographical summaries released and posted by the Manhattan Association of Cabarets and Clubs (of which he is on the board of directors), and those printed on his recordings on compact disc.

Not once have I heard Mr. Rapanaro denounce his associations with these productions in any way, and he himself has issued nothing resembling any type of retraction of his past affiliations. His silence speaks volumes.

In a way, I can appreciate the precarious position in which Mr. Rapanaro currently finds himself. On one hand, he is a part of the world of professional musical theatre, which is in large part populated by a great number of homosexuals. This is not just a colorful stereotype; it is a fact. I’m sure Mr. Rapanaro feels that if he publicly denounces homosexual marriage, he will alienate himself from that world, and lose the friends, acquaintances, employment, and performance opportunities that go along with it.

On the other hand, if he continues to maintain his support for homosexual marriage, by his current silence or otherwise, it will bring him and any Church which permanently employs him nothing but trouble. I can see how Mr. Rapanaro might feel like he is “between a rock and a hard place.” This unfortunately does not change the fact that no man may serve two masters.

Once again, I have absolutely no problem with Mr. Rapanaro dedicating his time and talent to the good people of Our Lady of Lourdes in any way he sees fit. I do have a problem when the Church takes the money that I donate and uses it to employ an outspoken public advocate for homosexual marriage.

How can the Church tell me not to vote for candidates for public office that promote homosexual marriage, and then turn around and put a publicly outspoken advocate for homosexual marriage on the payroll?

As long as Mr. Rapanaro financially profits from his employment and affiliation with Our Lady of Lourdes, either through direct payment or through the “mandatory wedding and funeral vocalist” arrangement, I will have to send my weekly donations elsewhere. The Lord will not be denied His share of that with which He has blessed me and my family, but at least for now, Our Lady of Lourdes will have to be.

I am only one parishioner, and my wife, son, and daughter, and I are only one small family, but we will continue to pray for you and your continued success at Our Lady of Lourdes. So far, my family and I have appreciated all the things you have done for us and our parish, and look forward to your continued leadership and service to make Our Lady of Lourdes the vigorous and vibrant “welcoming” parish it can be.

We will also continue to pray for Mr. Rapanaro, in the hopes that he will someday reconcile what he has done in the past, and as long as he is a public figure in the Church, publicly align himself with the Lord and the catechism of the Catholic Church.

I look forward to resuming my weekly donations to Our Lady of Lourdes with great eagerness as soon as this situation has been resolved.

Again, I want to publicly applaud this letter-writer for his charity and kindness. This was an exemplary overture on his part to find the best way possible out of an unfortunate situation, with genuine compassion and sympathy for all involved. It's a lasting pity his very earnest attempt to reach a solution fell on deaf ears

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