Tuesday, April 7, 2009

ListeningIn, back then you posted from Laguna Niguel, Ca?

Did you know Lisante from then? And Mathew Blockley entered into Covina Ca..hmmmm
Oct 27, 2008
catholiceye wrote:
Everyone at OLL was ready to welcome Msgr. Lisante when he came, but he and Fr. Blockley started right off the bat with the removal of a much loved statue from the altar which was put in a cleaning closet, which upset MANY people in the parish greatly.
Only after a lot of complaints was the statue returned to the church, and then the parishioners discovered Blockley was a suspended priest without permission from his bishop or Bishop Murphy to be here, and he was expelled from the diocese, a punishment reserved for priests in the most severe cases--pedophiles, scandals, even criminals.
There was never one word of apology from Msgr. Lisante for either of these things. He never once reached out to the people he had offended, despite their many calls, emails and letters and, to make matters worse, installed a very questionable character as music minister and, adding insult to injury, went after Fr. Mason in an obvious and very clumsy attempt to silence his rightful critics.
It doesn't matter if you're liberal or conservative, management like this is just plain irresponsible, immoral and inept and the parishioners have every right to be hurt and angry about it.

ListenIn answered with:

So if Msgr. Lisante spoke with these people who are complaining and angrily criticizing him, it would all end?

And yet when I posted a conciliatory proposal, I was accused of EXTORTION

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