Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I guess you like the attention ListeningIn!

Oct 27, 2008
Look, I despise the things Lisante is doing at OLL. I also realize that statues & photo-ops at St. Thomas have little relevancy here. "RED HERRING ALERT" whenever you see that.

I would think the other priest at OLL that you mentioned would love the fact that he is running the parish since Lisante is never there. But let's not muddy the waters... while we all know that this "other priest" essentially STARTED this whole mess with his "first moves" in this matter... back in July, the fact IS that Lisante shows a dangerous disregard for Church law regarding his EXPLANATION of the whole self induced Blockley mess and his "shoot the messenger" attitude.

It was "this other priest" who said "THIS WHOLE BLOCKLEY MATTER IS OVERBLOWN by a fringe few, HE WILL BE BACK IN THE PARISH WITHIN 2 WEEKS". Well PS, Blockley is still MIA/Awol! Either our "other priest" was LIED TO, or he was BEING LIED TO. I hope he realizes that he is being played the fool in all of this. It's ironic. He is basically a good man.

While Lisante is off gallivanting in CA, the "other priests" have to carry Diamond Jim’s water! I can tell you that they are not all pleased with the situation either. That goes for most of the parishioners that Lisante has not "bought off" with his "charm and promises".

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