Monday, June 30, 2014


I am asking for all of you Catholics out there to pray for our Church and its leaders. We are going into a very Dark and destructive period in our Catholic Church, as our leaders are leading the flock astray. Since Vatican II Council, our leaders have falsely been leading the flock into Apostasy, slowly eroding the Reverence to the Mass,and the sanctity of our Church. Do you realize that in order to have Communion in the hand, permission must be granted by the Vatican? Do you realize that it is not necessary for a priest or a parish to receive permission from the Bishop to have the Latin Mass? Do you realize that 55% of Catholics voted for the Democratic candidate and allowed the erosion ,and the attack by Barack Obama on our religious beliefs? AND EACH ONE OF YOU CATHOLICS WILL HAVE TO ANSWER FOR WHAT IS DONE BY THIS ANTI-CATHOLIC PRESIDENT AND HIS STAFF? He and his Liberal/Socialistic staff have shown themselves to be the biggest LIARS we have ever had in the White House? That you are guilty of all that he does to destroy our Country, as you have empowered him to be able to be able to enslave the American People? And yet you will say "I DIDN'T VOTE FOR HIM TO DO THAT". Yes you did, just as much as giving some one a loaded gun, and they kill someone with it. He has attacked our Catholic Church, and yet the Cardinal invited him to Dinner. What sort of signal does that send to the whole Catholic Church? Just the same as you telling your children "don't smoke", and they see you walking around smoking. YOU HAD BETTER OPEN YOU EYES, AND BEGIN PRAYING FOR OUR CATHOLIC CHURCH AS APOSTASY HAS TAKEN HOLD OF THE VATICAN, AND FILTERED DOWN THROUGH THE CARDINAL'S.BISHOP'S, PASTOR'S, AND PRIEST'S. Look at how far our church has diminished since Vatican II Council. And don't believe that you will escape the guilt of millions upon millions of unborn children through ABORTIONS. Almighty GOD, Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit love children more than any others, how do you think Almighty GOD feels about the MURDER, of these unborn? It is up to you to be Militantly aggressive in demanding our church to return to the faith as taught by St. Peter and the Apostles. GO HAVE MERCY UPON US, AND WHAT HAS BECOME OF OUR CATHOLIC FAITH.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014


The Smoking Gun vort-2014-06-09 If you currently receive Holy Communion in the hand, you need to cease this practice. It began in the 1960’s as an abuse by bishops and priests in Holland, Belgium and parts of Germany and France. After they just started the practice on their own with no permission from Rome, they bullied Pope Paul VI into allowing it – but he is on record, multiple times as saying he opposed it. But most importantly, it is quite clear that this manner of reception diminishes reverence and most especially belief in the Real Presence of Our Blessed Lord in the most august sacrament. Even on a psychological level, its obvious. If a person REALLY believes that this is the body, the flesh, the living actual presence of God Himself – then they would treat the host with the deepest level of respect they could muster. But we all know, we see routinely, many people in parishes all over the world – strolling up for Holy Communion, clearly not in a reverential frame of mind, demonstrating this in a variety of ways. And before he Church of Nice followers start throwing around accusations of being judgmental and “how do you know what’s in people’s minds” – you yourselves routinely judge people’s interior dispositions based on their external actions. It’s called non-verbal communication. And in Catholic parishes all over the world – an AWFUL lot is being communicated by the manner in which people receive. And don’t deny it. But hey, who cares what we say. Listen to the words of Bishop Athanasius Schneider who has made it his mission to eradicate this malformation from Catholic life. He argued that receiving Communion in hand “contributes gradually to the loss of the Catholic faith in the Real Presence and in transubstantiation”. The very fact that this practice began as an abuse – this single fact alone – should jar any believing Catholic into the realization that something is wrong with it. Additionally .. bishops still need to seek out permission in order to abandon the preferred method of reception on the tongue in favor of reception in the hand.And that point is critical – the Church PREFERS, Desires, makes normal, establishes as the usual manner – reception on the tongue. This hand business is an artifact from the rebellious 1960’s that is now treated as the usual normal way. IT IS NOT! But by Bishops and priests who at the end of the day – lost their faith. Today’s bishops and priests who allow this in their diocese or parishes have been raised to believe this is normal, good and nothing to fret over. They are wrong! How many of today’s bishops ever make the connection that their complicity in what began as an abuse, and still needs special permission from Rome, is directly correlated to them having to close the parishes by the thousands? As bishop Schneider sums up most eloquently .. “The Eucharist is at the heart of the Church. When the heart is weak, the whole body is weak.” When this deceptive practice officially came to the United States in the 1970’s .. it had been going on WITHOUT permission for somewhere between 5-10 years before. And I, like many Catholics my age know – because we lived through it – it happened during our childhoods. It was brought about by the likes of Cardinal Joseph Bernardin, whose actions as the “Pope of America” brought a plague on the Church in the United States. He and any of his brother bishops created a firestorm among the faithful and that inferno is still blazing. Tens of millions of Catholics have left the faith owing in no small part to that prelate and his band of cronies back in the 60’s and 70’s. It was Bernardin who personally, against the wish of a majority of his fellow bishops who shoved this practice down the throats of the faithful. Him and his episcopal buddies. God have mercy on his soul. Watch"Slight of Hand" at