Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Guess ListeningIn has been getting it for some time

Oct 27, 2008
Hey ListeningIn!

You say “He didn't even want to be there for 1 month, and anyone who knows him knows that….”. THIS IS INTERESTING! You are saying then that Lisante LIED to the parish then in his FIRST BULLETIN message when he said HE ASKED FOR THIS PARISH!

Boy you are not really helping him very much!

I think most of the folks at OLL see Lisante’s bulletin messages as transparent and rather lacking in “self examination”.

All of the parishioners I spoke to yesterday over in the main church and in the parking lot feel he is “campaigning” more than leading.

They see his trying to vilify Newsday for example as an attempt to shoot the messenger… and folks are beginning to realize that the retired pastor is really just under “house arrest” as someone put it.

If Fr. Mason ever challenged Lisante publicly they would kick him out of that little apartment so fast… I know for a FACT that Msgr. Lisante had the 20 Wanderer newspapers removed from the parish book rack, simply because he did not want the parishioners to read an historical account of Lisante’s own bumblings.

This is how it is with a liberal, if they don’t like the mesasage, they simply destroy the messanger. It’s the “fairness doctrine, Lisante style”.

Lisante might be fine for some parish that simply wants to fulfill their Sunday obligation and be run by proxy (like letting the other priests essentially run the place), but he has too much baggage for OLL… and I think that baggage is going to eventually weigh him down in the coming months/years.
Jericho, NY

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