Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Save the unborn from the UN

UN Agency wants to keep pro-lifers out of UN Abortion conference…
…help us fight back…

The lobbyist from the UN Population Fund (UNFPA) stalks the UN conference room like a hunter. She circles around and around looking her prey. Her prey is any UN delegate who dares to protect the unborn child from abortion.
This hunter strikes hard and fast whenever a UN delegate dares to stand up to UNFPA and its pro-abortion allies.
My staff has watched her work.
A year ago, a delegate from a very small country dared to take her countries name off of a UN resolution because she feared it would be used to promote abortion. The UNFPA lobbyist pounced:
“If you take your country’s name off this resolution I will make sure your country loses financial support.”
Remember, that most small countries at the UN are desperately poor and need money from almost any source they can get. This is the hammer held over their heads by unscrupulous lobbyists like the lobbyist from UNFPA.
We are there. We know. We watch and then we tell the world.
That is why UNFPA has attacked C-FAM and the Friday Fax on the front page of their website.
That is why UNFPA personnel have said the work of C-FAM and the Friday Fax is CRIMINAL.
Get that, protecting the unborn child is criminal.
That is why when UNFPA just announced an important UN conference in Berlin this summer, they made it clear that the C-FAM and the Friday Fax along with any other pro-life group is not welcome and won’t be allowed in.
The meeting is something called the Global NGO Forum. It takes place on September 2-4 in Berlin, Germany. It will be a preparatory committee meeting for the upcoming 15th anniversary of the Cairo Conference on Population and Development.
This was the conference way back in 1994 where John Paul the Great and pro-lifers from around the world gathered to stop the pro-abortionists from getting a global right to abortion. We banded together and we stopped them. We stopped them at Cairo+5 and we stopped them at Cairo+10.
Now with their powerful pro-abortion ally in the White House, Barack Obama they are back and will stop at nothing to advance a right to tear an unborn child limb from limb.
The reason they hate the Friday Fax so much is that we are always in the room watching them. And then we tell the world about their vicious antics. And the thing they hate the most? We are not afraid of them.
Friends, if you go to the C-FAM website and do a site search on UNFPA you will find dozens and dozens of Friday Faxes about them. You will find research papers. C-FAM and the Friday Fax are among the world experts on the UN Population Fund.
That is why they want to keep us out


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