Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Confusing the Faithful

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exposed. I’m Michael Voris.
Perhaps one of the most dangerous things that has occurred in the Church these past fifty
years is the lack of clarity when it comes to things “Catholic”.
This ends up creating oceans of confusion among the faithful when what is said from
pulpits or press releases or articles in diocesan or national publications is vague and open
to interpretation.
The end of the road effect is simple .. Catholics end up unsure of this or that about the
faith and begin to see Church teaching as malleable and not all that different from other
They lose their identity as Catholics because they lose their understanding of what
Catholicism is.
And when the Catholic identity is lost .. game over!
Which is why remarks by Chicago’s Cardinal George in the on-going drama of the annual
Chicago Gay Pride parade are causing Catholic blogs to light up.
Without getting into too much background .. the cardinal had likened the idea of a rerouted
gay parade passing in front of a Catholic Church on a Sunday morning to KKK
demonstrations of former days aimed at disrupting Masses.
Of course .. this brought homosexual groups out of the woodwork .. crying that they had
been hurt and demanding an apology. At first Cardinal George defended his comments
and refused to acquiesce to their demands for an apology.
Then a few days later he reversed himself and did in fact apologize .. saying his
comments were not meant to offend or hurt and were motivated by fear for the Church
being victimized by the demonstrations.
But the issue that has now upset faithful Catholics beyond whether what he said
ACTUALLY DID merit an apology is what he said immediately after. Here’s the
relevant quote from the Chicago Tribune story ..
“it [The Church] does encourage the faithful to 'respect everyone’. The question is,'Does
respect mean that we have to change our teaching?' That's an ongoing discussion, of
course.... I still go back to the fact that these are people we know and love and are part of
our families. That's the most important point right now.''
Back up there just a minute and read that again!“Does that mean that we have to change
our teaching? That’s an ongoing discussion, of course ..”
IT IS??? Really? There’s an ongoing discussion in the Catholic Church about whether or
not we have to change a dogmatic teaching? Well, I, and lots of other people never got THAT memo.
Now, to be fair, I don’t think that Cardinal George MEANS to suggest that the Church’s
magisterial teaching is now open for discussion. But to many many people who actively
want to think that .. they now have the ammo .. and that includes people in and out of the
That’s a bombshell of a headline .. Catholic Church Re-evaluates Homosexuality. Talk
about confusing the faithful.
As a matter of fact, as this whole sorry episode has revealed .. its been nothing but a
source of confusion from beginning to end.
The Cardinal quite correctly pointed out a valid historical reality regarding the KKK and
that groups treatment of the Catholic Church in America. The hatred spewing out of the
homosexual activists camp about the Church has a VERY familiar ring to it.
Then .. the Cardinal is opposed and digs in his heels. Then he reverses course and not
only apologizes .. where many feel an apology wasn’t needed to begin with .. but goes a
step further and suggests that the Church’s teaching isn’t settled .. which of course it very
much is.
Of course driving this back and forth .. flip flop .. on again off again .. multiple
clarification issued story is the politics of whining and hurt feelings.
Every single time the truth is stated .. as it was in the this case as well .. all that has to
happen is someone start sniveling and crying and carrying on about their hurt feelings
and the story automatically shifts from the TRUTH to someone’s hurt feelings.
As members of the Church keep playing this game .. making apologies where none are
really called for .. it reduces the profile of THE TRUTH and makes it appear to be
subjective and having no substance of its own.
And then to come out and say .. whatever the intention .. that the truth of the teaching is
open to discussion pretty much seals the deal for the enemies of the Church. No wonder
they all danced with glee in their multiple press releases saying .. we consider the matter
now closed. His apology was wonderful. For more .. click on the link on this page.
Why wouldn’t they think it was wonderful? The cardinal said the truth. They cried. He
backed down and said it’s all up for discussion anyway. That’s a grand slam for the
Church’s enemies. And the next time this issue comes up .. you can fully expect that this
retreat and confusion will be used as another weapon against the Church.
Saying the truth cannot be dependent on whether someone starts crying when you say it.
GOD Love You. I’m Michael Voris.

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