Friday, January 6, 2012

How many Holidays are we celebrating?

In reference to Michael Voris' fine post regarding Christmas vs Holidays.
How many Holidays are we celebrating? For Catholics we are celebrating Christmas,
to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. We are not celebrating Hanukah, Kuwanza,
or any other Holiday but Christmas.
There is a poster on other blogs, "Itchy Watch", that has been attacking my posting of prayers, like the St Faustina "Divine Mercy Prayers", and yet it has been said that he is a Eucharistic Minister. He will attack any Catholic post with his posting of "This is not a catholic website", and yet the question at the top had been started by me which was a question to Catholics of "Do you think it is right for the new Pastor to attack his new parish?"
This same poster has yet to admonish a Wicca poster, that makes fun of the Catholic celebrations, has posted that she does not believe that GOD exists, nor that Jesus ever existed. He will accept those posts without anything to say about them.
Can you believe that he is a Catholic? After 3 years of enduring his types of slanderous posts, I had been advised to ignore him, and to only post what I feel good about the Catholic faith, one of the soundest advices I had received since going on the internet. I found Michael Voris' site of the Vortex, which has explanations and insights much more astute than I could ever be.
I do wish every practicing catholic would visit his site, and listen to what he posts regularly. They are only about 6 or 7 minutes long, and will start your day off in a Catholic mood to looking at the world in which we live in, in a Catholic
way, instead of being part of the Pagan, world we now live in. The Catholic church is not what it once was, as Apostasy has taken hold of our church, and if we do not draw the line in the sand, our children, and grand-children will never know what is it like to be truly Catholic. I would prefer that all Catholic out there, would go to instead of going to my posts, as he is much more illuminating regarding our Catholic Church, and faith, than I could ever be.
GOD Bless you, Dominus Vobiscum

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