Sunday, January 29, 2012

An Army with No Soldiers

An Army with No Soldiers
Hello everyone and welcome to The Vortex where lies and falsehoods are trapped and
exposed. I’m Michael Voris.
Well we now have developing before us one of the strange cases in Church history.
Consider .. the Obama White House has now declared that religious institutions must
now begin paying for contraception in their employees health plans.
What certainly seems to be a violation of religious freedom is going to wind its way
through the courts it now seems .. if the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops follows through with its plans.
But consider further the great irony present here. The bishops are outraged that such a matter can come to pass. Good for them. Outrage IS the correct response.
But now .. they appear to be rallying the Catholic troops to gather round and support the cause of defending religious freedom in the specific case on birth control. Do you see the great irony here? For years .. almost 50 years now and counting .. much of Church leadership has either passively rejected Church teaching on birth control or .. in some cases actively worked against it.
From the very first moments that Pope Paul VI issued his shattering encyclical .. Humane Vitae .. On Human Life .. which proclaimed and affirmed the Church’s age old teaching that the marital act must be open to the transmission of new life .. meaning no birth control .. clerics and religious ran like mad in the other direction. Theologians decried it .. denounced it .. pilloried it .. and many religious just sat by silently on the sidelines and let their chanceries and seminary faculties and theological advisors trample the Pope’s words.
That kind of rebellion doesn’t happen with NO consequences. In fact .. it was left
unchecked for so long .. that it has proved to have devastating consequences. The
percentage of Catholic laity who either use birth control or support its use is over 90 percent.
One recent survey in fact revealed that 98% of Catholic women of child bearing years
practice some form of birth control at least periodically.
So .. step back for a second and look at this. Yesteryear’s church leadership in America
as well as many current chancery personnel have pushed or stood mute on the subject of birth control.
Taking the cue from the leadership .. Catholics .. all these years later now simply reject out hand the Church’s teaching they were never taught as laughable.
And then Obama comes along and challenges the Paper Tiger that is the current state of crisis the Church in America now finds itself in.
And in response .. many of the bishops and their staffs snap to .. as they should .. and try to rally the troops behind a CONCEPT that they should oppose this incursion by the Feds into church matters on the VERY SUBJECT over which 98% of American Catholics disagree with the Church. Seriously?!
Hats off to the Bishops for challenging Obama and his Catholic in name only .. shouldn’t be using the name Catholic .. secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebellius.
But after these past 50 years .. they shouldn’t be surprised if they sound the trumpet blast and lead the charge .. only to look over their shoulders and see no army and no soldiers running up the hill with them. The generation of bishops before them took care of that.
They may well win the legal battle that is looming .. and they should. But Obama could not have struck at a weaker point in the defenses of a shrinking population of faithful Catholics.
If you consider yourself a Catholic and you think birth control / contraception is
legitimate .. then you need to learn more about this issue. We produced a CIA .. Catholic Investigative Agency special on this very topic a few months ago and we think it is well worth the watch.
It’s called .. The Contraception Deception. We’ve attached the link right over it.
GOD Love you.
I’m Michael Voris.

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