Monday, January 2, 2012


Hello everyone and welcome to the Vortex where lies and falsehoods are trapped and
exposed. I’m Michael Voris.
With Christmas upon us .. it’s often good to look at the manger scene and reflect beyond
it .. through it as it were .. to the reality all it represents.
While we can take comfort in the truth that God comes to us as helpless child .. we can
greater comfort in the truth that His enemies arrived at instantly .. that this helpless
appearing child is actually a mighty King who launched a secret invasion behind enemy
lines and immediately set about de-stabilizing the existing world order.
Herod knew it. He set out to murder the Christ Child from the very first moment he
heard of his presence.
Simeon knew it as well, when Our Lady and Joseph brought the babe into the Temple.
He took the child from her arms and said .. this child will be responsible for the rise and
fall of many in Israel .. a sign that is to be contradicted.
Form the very first moment of his presence among us .. its clear that his presence was
meant to undo the Kingdom of Satan.
Even the angels who appeared to the shepherds on that first Christmas night make this
blindingly clear .. the whole heavenly host .. an angelic army arrayed for battle .. hover
over the nearby hills.
This newborn King is also a general .. the fullness of what King David portended .. a king
who has come to destroy evil and establish the kingdom .. peace on earth .. heavenly
peace as in the presence of Almighty God .. not some passing man made version of peace.
This Heavenly Peace of Justice and Right will be established by utterly and finally
destroying the kingdom that Satan has established among men.
The real meaning of Christmas is not to celebrate the Christ child in the manger as much
as it is the announcement of the coming victory.
After all .. what is the point of His Christmas Coming if not to stir us to anticipation of
His Second and Final Coming? He does not remain a helpless child. This may be the
reason the gospels themselves fall silent very shortly after his birth and resume His story
at the point of mission.
And anyone who follows Him, must be of the same mind. This life .. as it was for Our
Blessed Lord is about the fight .. and serving our King in the battle.
God Himself has prepared us for war. David knew this instinctively when he penned the
144th Psalm ..
Blessed be the Lord, my Rock, who trains my arms for battle and my hands for war.
He is my Love, my fortress, He is my stronghold, my Savior, my shield, my place of refuge.
When you kneel before the crèche this Christmastide, honor the babe no doubt, but do not
forget in all that innocence is also a mighty King who calls you to arms to establish His
reign first in our own hearts and the hearts and minds of everyone He brings before you.
This is the supreme gift you can give your King .. to pick up your sword and pledge Him
your life and your honor.
A very Merry and Blessed Christmas from all of us here to all of you and your loved
GOD Love you .. I’m Michael Voris.

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