Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Catholic War

Hello everyone .. and welcome to the Vortex .. where lies and falsehoods are trapped and exposed .. I’m Michael Voris.
There is a huge monumental fight going on inside the Catholic Church these days .. incase you haven’t noticed. And if you haven’t noticed .. then it will be pretty difficult to understand and process events that are going on.
Unlike most neat and tidy wars where there are usually two sides .. in this case there are three. And this is what makes things so difficult to get a grip on.
In one corner of the triangle .. the liberal progressive modernist gang. The provocateurs with their dingbat theology about women priests and rejection of anything traditional. These are the folks who think the Church suddenly sprang into being in the middle of the 20th century and should accommodate the world whenever possible. In the second corner of the Catholic Triangle are those who actually believe in God .. at least the God that Our Blessed Lord came to reveal to us.
They believe everything right down the line that the Church teaches .. that the Pope is the successor of St. Peter and is infallible when speaking on matters of faith and morals. This is the crowd that actually deserves the name Catholic because .. well .. they ARE.
Then there is the third group .. the vague and ambivalent crowd. There are a LOT of people in this corner. Here you will find the talk the talk but not walk the walk crowd .. those leaders who for a variety of reasons .. SOUND like the traditional crowd but allow much of what dingbat theology crowd pushes. And this crowd is precisely where the heart of the problem is. This group .. clergy and laity .. acts or may actually believe they are faithful .. but turn a blind eye to all the
corruption and evil and sin in the Church when it comes to actually doing something about it.
Now the reasons for this are varied. Some church leaders .. again clergy and laity .. think they are doing the right thing .. they call it being prudent .. by allowing and/or agreeing with homosexual masses .. pro-abortion Catholic politicians to receive Holy Communion.. emphasizing so-called social justice concerns to the detriment of spiritual concerns.
And while they allow much of this malfeasance to exist and prosper and flourish .. all in the name of charity .. they get downright nasty with virtually any Catholic from the faithful crowd. They support .. and sometimes promote smear campaigns .. threaten like bullies .. wield whatever ecclesiastical weapons they can .. in short .. anything they can do to bring those horrible tradition minded Catholics to heel. In this crowd you will find every stripe of contemporary Catholic imaginable.
Some Charismatics for example .. who think that the traditional Latin Mass is stupid
because you say Mass to the wall instead of facing the congregation and the community of the people of God .. where we gather around a table and have a meal. Guess all those saints for the past 1500 years or so just didn’t understand because they hadn’t yet been slain in the spirit.
The problem with this third group .. and they are definitely the majority in the Protestant friendly liturgically abusive watered down and theologically malformed crowd is that they LOOK very Catholic and often SOUND very Catholic because quite often they actually are. Theirs is a new type of Catholicism that has been banged into the heads of almost anyone raised in the post Vatican II Church. Problem is .. a large part of went before the mid-20th century has been jettisoned or better yet .. just ignored. This has created a war for the soul of the Catholicism and there are no signs that this war is anywhere near achieving a truce.
GOD Love you ..
I’m Michael Voris

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