Sunday, January 8, 2012

50 Yard line

50 Yard Line

Hello everyone and welcome to the Vortex where lies and falsehoods are trapped and
exposed. I’m Michael Voris.
In the United States we are entering into the playoffs for the National Football League to determine who will play in the Super Bowl.
And there is a perfect analogy here with the Church as She struggles through the current crisis in which She finds Herself.
The teams that advance to the Super Bowl and the eventual winner will not have done so by settling for reaching the 50 yard line .. just the middle of the field. They will have done so by striking for the end zone AND reaching it.
You don’t score touchdowns by reaching the 50! There is much pressure these days from WITHIN the Church to settle for the 50 yard line.
Stay in the middle we hear. Always steer a middle course. Don’t rock the boat. Don’t
ever be controversial when you are preaching about the gospel. Ridiculous!
What saint in heaven EVER pursued that strategy? Was it steering a middle course ..
playing to reach just the 50 yard line when Almighty God totally and completely
confounded Satan and joined human nature to His Divinity.
Was it a 50 yard line play when the Holy Spirit descended on the Apostles and St. Peter kicked down the door and cried out to the Jews present that Jesus Christ is the Messiah! 3000 converted that day!
The victory always goes to the bold, the intrepid, the daring – to those willing to pay the price to strike for the end zone. ALWAYS.
This posture of appeasement with the secular culture so favored by many in the
establishment structures within the Church is a fool’s game. You get nowhere .. but
appear to be advancing. But there’s the key word .. only APPEAR to be advancing.
Anyone who follows football knows that often times .. games will have these neutral
momentum spans in them .. when neither team really does anything .. they just keep
punting back and forth to each other .. hanging out around the 50 yard line .. but not really gaining any meaningful yards.
This is a fitting analogy for the condition of the Church today in the west as it dukes it out with modernist and relativist secularism. A clear statement here or there about the sanctity of marriage on the one hand .. while allowing dissident priests and nuns to spew their anti-Christ delusions on the other.
Make a nice speech here .. while allowing a university conference to totally undermine the Magisterium there.
Now .. two things need to be noted in this analogy. First the score .. and second .. the time. Holding serve .. to borrow a tennis phrase for a moment .. is fine if you are in the lead. But the establishment Church would have to be completely out of their minds to look around and think that they are in the lead.
Just count parish closings for starters. In fact .. in the language of sports .. the current score is a blowout with the opposition in the lead.
The second issue is the clock .. tick tock .. tick tock. Many times .. the outcome of the game comes down to good clock management .. knowing the moment when it arrives .. pushing your advantage .. sensing the opponent’s weakness and striking hard AT THE RIGHT TIME.
Current affairs would suggest that the Church is getting blown out of the stadium ..
unable to even muster a game plan .. much less execute it properly.
Case in point .. if you go to virtually any comments box on a non-Catholic blog and read the comments on stories about the Pope for example .. you have to click out fast because of the horrendous filthy slanderous things that are said.
The “approved” Catholic media and those other Catholic media outfits that happily align themselves with the institutional power structures to fatten their own bellies .. have such a myopic vision of the Catholic world that is beggars belief.
Too many in the establishment are all too happy to play to them instead of battling the opponent. Meanwhile .. time is running out .. the score continues get more and more lopsided and the whole scene is cracking at the seams.
Does anyone who’s plugged in in the Catholic world REALLY believe .. to pick just ONE
example .. that homosexual marriage isn’t going to be legal in the United States in the next few years. Heck, poll after poll shows majorities of self-identified Catholics more willing to be “accepting” of it .. especially younger Catholics.
We are getting beaten badly fellow Catholics for three reasons. The coaches don’t have a game plan. The opponent does. And we seem content with just reaching the 50 and ignoring the end zone. Don’t be surprised then or ask for a play to reviewed when the final gun goes off.
GOD Love you .. I’m Michael Voris.

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