Thursday, January 19, 2012

“Catholic” Women’s Lib

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This is the fourth part of a five part discussion all this week on Men, Masculinity and the Catholic Faith. Today’s topic .. how feminism has emasculated the Church.
Men and women are different. As obvious as that seems .. because it is, .. not all people in the Church accept this. There has been and continues to be a strong push in the Church to equate the masculine with the feminine.
We see this in inclusive language for example when the Holy Trinity is spoken of either as being composed of what is feminine or at the very least described in gender neutral terms .. replacing Father Son and Holy Spirit with Creator .. Redeemer and Sanctifier for example. It also crops up in many places in Mass and official prayers and hymns.
The philosophical problems arises when people try to make the concept of EQUALITY
the same as BEING THE SAME THING. A simple illustration helps here. If I have a
one dollar bill .. it is equal to .. in its vale and worth .. the same as this stack of four quarters .. but the paper and the coins are not the SAME thing.
Despite their equal worth .. they are different .. not only in substance .. what they are made of .. but also in function. You can’t put a dollar bill into the standard parking meter .. but you can insert quarters for example. Equal worth .. different in kind. Equality does not become equal sameness.
But this is the way equality is passed off in modern culture .. an idea which has roamed free in the Church for decades now .. unchecked .. smashing the place up. Men and women are different .. but much more to the point .. masculinity is absolutely distinct from femininity. (except for Homosexuals)
As detailed in Vortex episodes from earlier this week .. masculinity is characterized as becoming heroic. The man who has attained the fullness of his masculinity is the hero. He is the one who is separated from the community so he may return to it as protector. This is evidenced even in primitive tribal communities.
In the time away he struggles, fights, combats,finds himself, discovers his
manhood. All men face the problem of establishing their identity as a man. Raised in the comfort and protection of the feminine .. it becomes a struggle to leave and engage in the fight.
But this is precisely what a MAN must do. He is not called to a life of ease and comfort in the bosom of the feminine .. but to go out and confront the ravages of life .. face the dangers .. and find himself .. his identity .. his masculinity .. in the struggle.
By definition .. this involves a separation .. an aloneness. And from a Catholic
perspective .. this is the very definition of what it is to be holy. The word holy comes from an ancient word meaning .. to be called out .. to be separated. So despite the disagreement of modernists and cultural liberals .. read feminists and their making allies in the Church and the world .. the very paramount expression of masculinity, is to "BE HOLY".
If this is the case .. then why do SO MANY men more than women have such a problem
with religion .. the spiritual .. the public commitment to the Holy. The answer is simple -faith .. spirituality .. religion have become the haunts of the feminine .. the cult of femininity.
And this is why there is so much carnage in the world today .. why we find so much
abandonment of authentic masculinity in men. Men should be anchored to the holy, but
they perceive access to the holy as somehow blocked to them by the goddesses of
feminism and so they go in search of some other place to be a man .. to express their
Sons join gangs .. treat women as objects to be dominated sexually and physically ..
engage in self-destructive behaviors at rates incredibly higher than women could ever
dream of. Men drink, gamble, fornicate, abuse drugs and are sitting in jail for violent crimes way out of all proportion to their numbers compared to women.
These sons are ill-equipped to be fathers not to mention husbands. They are incapable of passing on manhood to their sons because they aren’t authentic men themselves. One of the very first principles of philosophy is – you cannot give what you do not have. It is impossible for them to impart masculinity to their own sons.
And this is largely owing to the surrender to the cult of the feminine. And when we turn to the Church .. whose founder is the Perfect Man .. we see that the feminine has virtually overrun it. It does not produces heroes or patriarchs to any measurable degree any longer as it once did.
Western Christianity has largely abandoned the idea of CONFRONTING and
COMBATING evil .. the masculine approach .. and been taken in by the feminine
approach of trying to create community and common ground and dialog.
Many men are off put by this approach. They see it rightly, in many cases, as wimping
out. Our Blessed Lord NEVER created nor looked to create common ground with evil.
He came to destroy it and vanquish it. But he did not seek to destroy for the sake of
destruction .. but to protect and love his own.
Somewhere in the depths of the male psyche .. there seems to be an inherent desire to
assert control and dominance. If channeled properly .. which the pursuit of holiness
provides .. in fact was designed for .. then peace and harmony follow in the wake of
destroying the all that is unholy.
But if that inherent desire for dominance is not channeled properly, meaning for the
sake and protection of the other .. then it can become a massively destructive force and in fact .. has. Until masculinity is retrieved in the Church .. sacrifice for the sake of the good the true and the beautiful .. men will continue to see the Church and religion as the arena of the exclusively feminine and will stay away and if there is one thing that the world needs now .. perhaps more than any other time in its history .. it’s Holy Men.
GOD Love you.
I’m Michael Voris.

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