Thursday, January 26, 2012


The March:

For the 39th year .. Americans are commemorating and demonstrating against the
continual slaughter of millions of children in their mothers’ wombs .. 56 million and
In fact .. in the couple of hours it takes this march to happen .. close to 300 children will
have been murdered in the nation’s abortion chambers.
With the uptick in consciousness over the evil and horror of abortion and Planned
Parenthood being on the run with regard to their funding .. the pro-aborts are beginning to fight back.
This past Saturday night .. there was a youth rally in the Capital Hyatt ballroom where a thousand pro-life youth were gathered. Suddenly about two-three dozen pro-aborts stood up and disrupted the rally with signs and chanting .. see for yourselves. NATS
This is the FIRST TIME this has ever happened .. that pro-aborts have sneaked into a
pro-life gathering at March for Life and deliberately disrupted the event they were
eventually escorted out by hotel security after a few minutes .. but not without proving the point that they consider themselves to be in a pitched fight.
This is the real face of pro-abortion America .. standing in the middle of a pro-life
gathering .. yelling .. pro-life that’s a lie .. you don’t care if women die.
And their other chant .. not the Church not the state .. women will decide their fate. It’s not even worth the trouble to de-construct their slogan pabluum .. but that they would do this at all .. demonstrates a certain mind set .. that they now feel the initiative is being lost in the public square as poll after poll concludes that American society views abortion less and less favorably .. especially the younger generations.
As a side note on this .. while the momentum may be on the side of the pro-life cause
among the common folk shall we say .. you wouldn’t know it by the secular media
coverage. If there was ever an example of secular media bias .. it’s this annual March .. and note this .. the largest annual gathering in Washington .. year after year .. bar none .. and to the secular media .. it never happens.
It is essentially ignored or treated so slightly that it may as well not have happened. Each year .. anywhere from 350,000 to 450,000 .. sometimes more .. an ocean of people stream up to the US Supreme Court protesting the evil of abortion and in favor or Roe v. Wade being overturned .. and yet .. you’d never know it by the secular media. The only hint you might get .. that SOME people came to DC and did SOMETHING .. is the Associated Press or Reuters News Agency pictures of a dozen or so pro-aborts from NOW holding their signs in front of the Court amid hundreds of thousands of pro-lifers ..and hearing commentators on CNN say something stupid like .. so are the numbers on each side about the same?.. That was the observation of one of CNN’s crack reporters and anchors last year.
20 or so vs. 400,000! Are the numbers about the same?!
More than perhaps anything else .. it has been the world of the media that has advanced this evil .. in the lies it has told .. the truth it has ignored .. the glamour with which it portrays unbridled sex in movies .. music .. publications .. and the news coverage .. or rather .. lack of coverage of the effects on a society of wiping out nearly 56 million of its citizens.
To date .. that we know of .. not one US secular media outlet has done a single story on the economic impact of abortion. The devastating impact of 56 million would be consumers simply never having been born, not spending money buying houses, cars ..
educations .. clothing .. contributing to the tax rolls for socials security .. medicare etc. It’s why we felt compelled two and a half years ago to examine the issue ourselves in an hour long program we produced called The Cost of Abortion. We’ve attached a link to it to this page.
Catholics have got to recognize that they have been lied to and manipulated by various forces for decades now .. and among those forces have been the media. Time to wisen up and spread the truth.
GOD Love you.
I’m Michael Voris.

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