Monday, January 16, 2012

Immigration, Politics, Bishops

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This fissure is quite capable of leading to other types of divisions and exposing great divides among the faithful. Before Ronald Reagan .. much of the Catholic vote went to democrats. There are a host of reasons for this emerging from the immigrant Catholic experience in urban areas of the United States.
But since Ronald Reagan and the political attention to eroding morals and values in the culture, the Catholic vote has become an almost 50-50 proposition .. with serious
faithful Catholics unable and unwilling to support child-killing and sodomy promoting
politicians regardless of what they say about things like immigration and health care. And this is the point that seems to have been missed by many leaders in the Church. They seem stuck back in a perpetual pre-Reagan era of Catholics=Democrat except for abortion. The truth is that .. many Catholic voters who are also faithful Catholics are turned off by this.
And now one who is turned off by it is running for president. And the position put
forward by some of the bishops has created a conflict where a conflict did not need to exist.
It’s a very interesting conundrum for the hierarchy in America .. Catholic candidates
unabashedly saying the bishops are flat out wrong on policy statements .. those same
candidates getting endorsed by Catholic organizations that use the name Catholic and
Catholic voters lining up behind those candidates and organizations with their money and their votes.
Even the esteemed author George Weigel recently came out and said in article that it
would perhaps be wise for bishops to stop issuing policy statements on every issue that arises in the culture or political arena.
The problem is that their authority and excellent teaching on the intrinsically evil issues of abortion and same-sex marriage is seen to be watered down when they support policy initiatives that do NOT deal with intrinsic evils put forward by the same party that keeps the killing and sexual immorality chugging along.
It causes massive confusion among the faithful and results in them having to choose sides and politically .. at least since the days of the Reagan Presidency .. more and more Catholics are being forced to choose against the bishops. Just ask Candidate Santorum.
GOD Love You.
I’m Michael Voris.

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