Friday, January 6, 2012

Happy Holidays? Or do Catholics say "Merry Christmas?

Hello everyone and welcome to the Vortex where lies and falsehoods are trapped and
exposed. I’m Michael Voris. Merry Christmas everyone .. I mean .. Happy Holidays.
Actually no I don’t. I MEAN MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!
The cloud of secular-humanism is hovering low and thick this Christmas season as if
barely impossible to hear the greeting Merry Christmas from practically anyone.
When I’m in a store and a clerk says Happy Holidays, I ALWAYS respond Merry
And it’s kinda funny, but many times, the poor little sales clerk looks back with a wry grin and says yea .. merry Christmas .. as if to say with their facial expression .. “yea .. this really is stupid isn’t it that we cant say Merry Christmas without getting in trouble, but I’m glad you said it.”
If only some Catholic parishes would think along the same lines. Last week .. St. Mel’s Catholic Church in Dearborn Michigan in the archdiocese of Detroit had the inane expression Happy Holidays posted on their parish marquis.
A Catholic Parish. How incredibly insulting, stupid, disrespectful and cowardly.
If you call the parish office .. which by the way .. might not be a bad idea .. the phone number is 313-274-0684 .. im not sayin’ im just sayin’ .. but if you call them .. the receptionists will tell you that they have since taken the insulting Happy Holidays sign down as of last week.
But if you ask a follow up question of “why did you have it posted in the first place?” you get the offensive answer that quote – “Because we wish everyone a Happy Holiday, not just Christians.” We don’t want to be offensive.
Now .. if you want to see a living example of the soft underbelly of effeminate
modernistic politically correct cultural moronic inane idiocy run wild in the Church ..look no further than that asinine explanation for why a CATHOLIC PARISH refuses to say MERRY CHRISTMAS .. because they don’t want to be offensive and include
everyone. Maybe the decision to sell out Christ at this parish was made because the parish is close to the largest Muslim enclave outside the Middle East. Perhaps it had nothing to do with it at all and this is just another of the thousands of Catholic parishes that has completely gone off the rails.
In either case .. it beyond ridiculous. It’s rude. Would you be insulted or somehow feel excluded if you drove past a synagogue and saw their sign saying Happy Hanukah?
Again and again .. the liberals in the Church do everything they can imagine to squash Catholic identity and water it down so that no one is bothered by it .. offended by it and so forth.
Yet in 10 years or less .. when there is no one left in this parish and others like it .. and no vocations have come from them and the congregations looks like a senior citizen community center .. and they’re going broke because there aren’t enough people in the pews .. they’ll be first in line to ask for money.
After years of dismantling the faith little by little .. all so no one is ever offended .. they’ll look around at the results of their choices and be unable to figure out what happened.
Talk about offensive and insensitive. It’s Merry Christmas St. Mel’s. Merry
CHRISTmas .. as in Christ .. as in God .. as in Savior of the World .. as in Creator of Mankind. Sheesh.
Do you think people take offense at Christmas songs to such a degree that we should
substitute Happy Holidays wherever we hear the word Christmas .. as in I’m dreaming of a White Happy Holiday .. or .. All I want for Happy Holiday is My two front teeth.
And just where do you stop with this. It’s pretty widely known that various non-
Catholics attend Midnight Mass. Why don’t you just delete the name of the Blessed
Virgin Mary from the Mass in case some Protestants happen to be there .. or get rid of reference to Jesus in case some non-Christians are present .. or why don’t we just blow the whole thing up in case an atheist is sitting in the congregation, dragged there by his girlfriend under emotional duress.
I mean .. we don’t want any of these people to excluded now do we? Afterall .. who
knows .. maybe our sellout of the faith and what we hold dear will convince them that
they should convert. Problem is .. there won’t be anything left for them to convert to......A five year old could figure this out.
GOD Love you .. I’m Michael Voris.

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