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Five Reasons Why Conservatives Lost

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When you come to Washington DC you obviously realize that you are in the seat of
power. All these buildings are the tools that the victors in the ideological war use to impose their view on a nation and that nation’s culture.
Whoever wins elections .. wins the spoils of that war. The old phrase .. elections have consequences rings very true.
And it’s time now to be brutally honest and simply admit that conservatives have lost this battle. The secularists got hold of some necessary institutions .. and slowly .. over the years .. bred a couple of generations .. who then voted these secular minded people into these halls of power.
Conservatives in Washington have a great resemblance to the last holdouts at the Alamo.
How did this happen. How did America go from 200 plus years of moral and political
conservatism to the secular liberal state we see today?
Five reasons have been identified by scholars and historians.
1 – Conservatives were much more concerned with economics and foreign policy than
they were morality. The morality was a given. The Cold War was raging with the Soviet
Union. Political conservatives were much more comfortable and able to talk in those terms than they were theology, philosophy and history. We see this still .. even today in the split in the GOP between social conservatives and economic conservatives
2 – The Entertainment media grabbed the youth back in the 1970s and have never let go. While parents were blithely unaware of things like MTV and a wild assortment of
subversive messages being sent to their children .. their children were being intellectually and spiritually kidnapped. By the time many parents realized what was going on .. it was too late.
3 – The Courts .. more than any other single institution is where the secularist liberals have been able to pound the nail in the coffin. It took decades .. but once education and entertainment were sufficiently corrupted .. it was inevitable that a new generation of voters would start casting their votes without any concern about basic moral issues. And the liberal-secularist have done the better job of securing those votes by appealing to emotions and passions.
4 – The innate conservative quality of obedience and almost automatic accepting of
authority. By definition .. conservatives are not rebels .. they don’t rebel.
So when for example .. when the Supreme Court said in the late 1960’s that prayer in
school in unconstitutional .. even tho a majority of Americans at the time identified
themselves as conservative .. they simply accepted it .. even tho every single poll taken at the time revealed that HIUGE majorities disagreed with the court.
5 – and the last reason why .. and perhaps the most important .. is that the one single institution that .. at the time .. had the moral authority to challenge the secularist-liberal juggernaut .. did not do it. The Christian faithful. And in this group we include Catholics and Protestants.
The decades of dissent that has been allowed to go unchecked in the Catholic Church in America coupled with the widespread abandoning of practically everything Christian by huge swaths of Protestant America has been the single biggest reason why we now stand where we stand as a nation.
The near total abolition of duty in the face of the contraception mentality by nearly all Protestant denominations and the near total silence and under the radar rejection of the Church’s teaching on it among Catholics and their leaders set the stage for the moral collapse which would inevitable lead to the dissolution of the family .. abortion and now same sex marriage.
Once the sexual act could be decoupled from procreation in biology and law .. it was only a matter of time until the culture became saturated in a sex-is-for-pleasure mentality. Christians were both blind-sided by this initially and then all too happy to accept it. It’s fitting therefore .. some would say ironical or poetic justice then .. that the issue that is now being warred over by the Catholic Church and the federal government has come down to a fight over contraception.
This needs to be a lesson for all of us .. if you don’t get rid of dissent early .. you will have a heresy later.
GOD Love you.
I’m Michael Voris.

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