Saturday, January 7, 2012

Time to get Serious

Time to Get Serious

Hello everyone and welcome to the Vortex where lies and falsehoods are trapped and
exposed. I’m Michael Voris.
Now that a major part of all the holiday hoopla is behind us .. its time to get serious about the task at hand.
And we can get our marching orders as Catholics right from the Holy Father. On New
Year’s Day he said the following ..“It seems as if a shadow has fallen over our time.”
He couldn’t be more correct. And he made a special point of talking ABOUT, and TO the
young. Its is the younger generation that has inherited this awful mess that the world now finds itself in.
College graduates struggling to find jobs. For example the unemployment rate in Spain
for those between 18-39 is 50 percent.
In the United States .. a recent poll from a prestigious polling agency found that
Americans over 39 now believe .. for the first time ever .. that the younger generation will be less likely to achieve the American Dream than THEIR generation was .. which is a short-hand way of saying that the great American experiment is beginning to unravel.
Not terribly surprising though since the entire edifice was built on the assumption of a prevailing morality which has receded and evaporated to such a degree that what was once considered immoral in many instances doesn’t even register on the morality radar anymore.
So what about the young people? Our Holy Father went on to tell them not to give into
discouragement, saying they “can offer new hope” to the world. You bet they can .. we
have a slew of young people .. the very audience that Pope Benedict is talking TO and
ABOUT working right in these studios.
But there is an even deeper question here. WHO is going to give the young people hope?
The only hope there is of course is Jesus Christ .. but someone .. must make Him present to the world .. people .. individuals MUST do this. It must be their life’s work .. their goal .. their ambition .. their reason for getting out of bed.
The old world is collapsing .. major changes .. huge transformations are in the offing and coming very soon. Economies are rocked .. it’s now widely believed for example that the Euro will no longer exist come the spring .. if not sooner.
The fall of the Euro will have far reaching and near calamitous effects throughout the entire global economy .. but most especially in the west if economists are to be believed.
A new world .. a new way of people being in relationship to each other as a society is forming behind the scenes. The exact nature of this new world is not yet known .. but from all the early indications .. its almost a certainty that whoever emerges to “take the lead” so to speak .. will not be happily disposed toward the Catholic Church.
All societal markers right now point to a new world .. or at least a transitional world that will continue to isolate the Catholic Church and marginalize Her certainly in the culture at large and most likely in the implementation of laws.
Last year .. the Holy Father compared the collapse of the Roman Empire to the
transformation going on in our own times as we pass from the old world to the new.
His words which linked the collapse of Rome to today’s western civilization are “the sun was setting over an entire world.”
It is beyond dispute that lights are going out all over the world in our own day as well.
So the big question is this. What does this mean for the Church? We know that She will survive until the end of time. What we don’t know is what FORM that will take. Recall that She spent essentially her first three centuries almost totally underground.
Even as She emerged from the catacombs to construct what came to be known as
Western civilization .. she was continually threatened from every side and racked by
schism and heresy from within and emperors and warlords from without.
In our day .. it seems as though all these threats are present at the same time and with greater force than ever before. What this means is that Catholics must now concern themselves with one thing and one thing only .. the preservation of the Faith in the rapidly descending New Dark Ages.
The Church is here now in the present AND will be out there .. in the future. But in the meantime .. there is the great need to build the bridge from the present to that future.
This will primarily be the work of the young under the tutelage of the few remaining
faithful Catholics who lived through as well as contributed to the current wreckage of the Church .. not to mention the culture at large.
What CAN emerge as the world falls apart is a new and more vibrant Church that today
seems only like fantasy .. but in the end will come forth from the carnage to once again shape human destiny.
But the cost of such of an undertaking will be monumental .. ranging from martyrdom .. both red and white .. as well as total dedication of lives and fortunes. In this war .. there is no détente. You are either on the winning side or the losing side. Time to get serious.
GOD Love you .. I’m Michael Voris.

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