Friday, December 23, 2011

Modernism Inherited

Hello everyone and welcome to the Vortex where lies and falsehoods are trapped and
exposed. I’m Michael Voris coming to you from Rome.
Next year .. which is almost here .. marks the 50th anniversary of the opening of Vatican II. And right now .. in this year we are barely a breath beyond the 100 year anniversary of St. Pope Pius X’s dire warnings about Modernism.
Lots of Catholics .. heck nearly all of them .. haven’t even heard the word Modernism
much less know what the Holy Father was talking about. But in short, it was and is a
movement which .. as he said .. synthesizes .. pulls together al heresies and creates one massively united enemy of the Church.
And the problem is this .. Modernism is the enemy which lies WITHIN the Church. This
is what Pius warned against so ardently .. that he demanded that Catholic clergy and
instructors actually take an oath against it. You heard right. A put up your right hand and sing the paper actual oath. That started in 1910 and was ended about 50 years later ..right around the time of Vatican II.
As said earlier this week, I’m 50 and like many other 50 year olds in the Church we
have been first hand eye-witnesses to the destruction of much that followed in the wake of Vatican II by the very interests that St. Pius X warned against. We 50 year olds grew up in the Church that was in many ways giving way to Modernism.
Now back in the day .. it was cool and in vogue to be “with it”. That was the
expression .. “with it”. But no one ever said what exactly IT was. Well it’s pretty darn clear now that IT was modernism. If you don’t believe it .. look around.
Heresy .. some of it bold and affronting .. some of it subtle and coy has gripped the
Church in practically every aspect of Her life. This truth needs to be told and it needs to be told loudly.
You see the loud mouth Modernists in seminaries and chanceries and social movements
in the Church .. who needed to raise a ruckus so they could overthrow the established
order back in the day, the 1960’s and 1970’s, when we 50 year olds were snotty kids..
they have now settled in to every corner of the Church.
They don’t need to be loudmouths anymore. They control the levers of power. What is
for them to shout about? They have their will of things. And they have reproduced ..
hiring and promoting and ordaining like-minded friends and allies into chanceries and
seminaries and parish staffs and universities and every other imaginable aspect of
Catholic life. THIS generation of Modernists doesn’t look anything like their hippie .. habit discarding forefathers did when we 50 year olds were kids. Those “with it” types had long hair ..wore peace signs around their neck on dangly chains .. figured out every way they could to incorporate tie dye patterns into vestments and on and on. They made statements ..loud and clear. They needed to. You can’t storm the palace looking like the palace guard.
Just ask the occupy crowd. You need youth and big mouths and they had them in ample
supply. Today .. with their ideas firmly entrenched at practically every level of the establishment Church .. they have thrown away their hippy outfits for more polyester comfort. And they don’t rail against the establishment .. they ARE the establishment .. established modernism.
But they WILL rail against those who seek to point them out. Lift a finger or raise a
voice to reveal their true identities and suddenly all the vim and vigor of their halcyon days returns as though they were 30 again .. when they were lying to and deceiving us,the children who grew up in the aftermath of the Second Vatican Council.
This is exactly what Blessed John Paul II encountered as he realized that the Church
needed purifying. He said in 2002 in reference to the homosexual clergy sex abuse
scandal .. “So much pain, so much sorrow must lead to a holier priesthood, a holier
episcopate, and a holier Church.”
The show forth of the Modernist heresy running wild in the Church since the close of the Second Vatican Council has been rabid sexual immorality on the part of laity and clergy and all that it has spawned including the deceitful cover up and silence on the part of not a small number of bishops.
The refusal to teach the truth forcefully and without apology has led to this current crisis and the Modernists do everything they can to prevent the truth from being announced completely.
John Paul recognized this which is why he set about to produce a new Catechism ..
introduce an updated Code of Canon Law .. re-awaken a great love of Our Blessed
Mother .. preach about the theology of the body in a sex-saturated world and hammer
down liberation theology. All he did was resisted every step of the way.
He prepared the way for Benedict to advance the purification of the Church. And very
aware of the viper’s den he was stepping into at the beginning of his reign as Pope .. he sadly sermonized at his first Mass as Pope .. “Pray for me, that I may not flee for fear of the wolves.”
Benedict .. in his role as head of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith for nearly 25 years was very well aware of how far Modernism had infected the Church .. was well aware of the ravenous wolves all around him. And now he was Pope. And just when like John Paul was Pope .. their office had been protected by the Holy Spirit from preaching the Modernist heresy.
The first group of Modernists shoved and pushed their way to the front of the line and flat out lied to the children in their charge. As they moved on in years .. they made certain that they kept their agenda moving along. But as we grew up .. we just believed what was told to us .. as well as what was not told to us.
Now many Catholics have no point of reference on what it is to BE catholic. And why
would they? Where exactly would they have ever heard it? From the homosexual priest
who quietly dismisses the Church’s moral teaching so he can live his own lifestyle? Or how abut the ex-nun .. angry at any real man she encounters because she disdains her own biology?
Or what about the bishop who is so much more concerned about finances than he is the
faith that the motto on his Coat of Arms should read – don’t rock the boat? And of course there is always the parish religious ed director or her counterpart downtown at Church headquarters who believe being Catholic is little else than being nice – although much of the time – THEY aren’t.
See .. the first children who grew up in the wake of Vatican II .. for us .. this is the only Church we’ve ever really known .. the Church infected with the Modernism that Pope Pius .. SAINT Pope Pius warned about. The Church that has found itself unable to confront the evil of Modern time because the wolves inside the Church have done all they can to ally the Church WITH it.
The modernists in the Church who emerged from underground immediately after Vatican
II to seize control had this exact vision of the world in mind. An immoral place .. devoid in every possible way of God .. where human intellect .. such as it is ..reigns supreme
and we are no longer beholding to those antiquated medieval thoughts like objective
morality .. especially in the areas of sexual license.
So .. they grabbed control of the one institution on the face of earth that was capable of battling the evil and neutered it. If the Catholic Church does not lead the way in battling evil .. then she LOSES her way and so does the world. This is why abortion is not going away .. why homosexual marriage is advancing like a brush fire and so forth. Modernism is a prevailing current in the Church .. for now. Understand it. Face it. Admit it. And then do something about it.
And if you are one of the eldest children of Vatican II .. the 50 year olds .. come to terms with the reality that we were lied to and we were robbed and even to this day our inheritance has still not been returned to us. The Modernists .. the ones who lied to us when we were altar boys and in grade school ..
their offspring who now run things are refusing to give us back what is ours by right .. the authentic Catholic Faith. They want us to be content with false ecumenism and Protestantized Masses and handing money over for “social justice” and bringing in converts who have only been taught SOME of the faith. They pay lip service to the Pope but fight him continually.
They want us to accept a Church in retreat while at the same time they insist that it is not in retreat. And when we don’t .. they smear us with terms like angry .. uncharitable ..mean-spirited. Uh. Wrong. We were the ones lied to and robbed. And we want backwhat has been taken from us.
And just like THEY did when we were children .. if we can’t have what we want .. what
is ACTUALLY ours .. then we are gonna take it .. but our weapons will be truth .. the
ultimate antidote to the poison of sin .. and knowledge. And without the tie-dye shirts and head bands and peace chains. We used to quietly snicker at how stupid they all looked anyway.
GOD Love You.
I’m Michael Voris

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