Saturday, December 31, 2011

Fight, for God's sake, Fight!

Hello everyone .. and welcome to the Vortex .. where lies and falsehoods are trapped and exposed .. I’m Michael Voris.
Wrapping up the theme we have dealt with in this week’s Vortex episodes .. which has
been the virtually unchallenged assault of the homosexual movement against the Church
from INSIDE the Church and the pathetic response to it from Church leaders.
Just as the evils of abortion as well as contraception have been allowed to fester among Catholics in the pews because of lack of a bold and decisive all out offense against them .. so too now is the homosexual agenda.
It’s not that the Pope hasn’t spoken out about this issue. It’s not that a number of bishops around the western world haven’t written about it. It’s not a number of faithful speakers haven’t spoken about it.
But it IS that after words .. after the Pope has said what needs to be said .. none of it is paid attention to in any meaningful way. The Pope’s words and documents are just ignored and too many bishops have not stepped up and vigorously opposed this in every possible way. They allow conferences to be held .. speeches to be given .. their parish priests to coddle this in the name of charity. Too many say next to nothing .. if anything at all as colleges and universities in their diocese allow gay clubs .. campus ministries .. dissenting theologians to stand before young people and corrupt them. Since ALL of this falls under the category of spiritual war .. a quote from one of the more notable warriors in secular history seems apropos here. "If you will not fight for right when you can easily win without
blood shed; if you will not fight when your victory is sure and not
too costly; you may come to the moment when you will have to
fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance
of survival. There may even be a worse case. You may have to
fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to
perish than to live as slaves." -Winston Churchill
None of this is intended to slam the office of bishop .. regardless of what others
may want to imply. We have nothing but the highest of respect and regard for the
office of bishop .. it was established by Our Blessed Lord.
What we and many others do have a problem with is the glaring LACK of exercising the
AUTHORITY of the office by the men who occupy it for the good of the faithful.
They have the power and authority .. not to mention the divinely mandated duty to
forcefully and constantly condemn all evils that are threats to the faithful.
The crosier a bishop carries isn’t only an instrument to help being back a straying sheep’s also a weapon to whack the daylights out of an approaching wolf. To not use it is to allow the sheep to be devoured.
It takes a certain manfulness to step up and plunge into a pack of wolves and start beating the daylights out of them. Oh yes it does. So do it. Just do it. We .. along with many others are pleading with the bishops .. begging .. start protecting the sheep and stop assailing those sheep who are crying out for your protection.
Get rid of the dissenters. How much time and how many souls are you willing to grant
them before doing what your office demands you do.
Teach your people and priests clearly and precisely that the faith is for their salvation ..that heaven AND hell are real .. that all religions are NOT the same .. that this faith demands the cross be carried .. that the call for everyone of us to live and love as Saints NOT succumb to the latest fad of secular humanism.
And don’t do this all with just words. USE your authority .. whatever the cost to you
personally. Walk the walk as well as talk the talk. Get rid of the wolves in your
chanceries .. seminaries .. parishes. If the diocese must step itself down to poverty to become purer .. so be it. If abuse after abuse is heaped upon your head by the enemies of Christ .. rejoice in the knowledge that you have aroused the anger of Satan. The old saying goes that you can tell a man by his friends. But it’s even more true that you can tell THE man by his enemies.
We would like to close the particular discussion by quoting from an author for whom we have a great deal of respect – if not always total agreement. Dr. Jeff Mirus over at the website Catholic culture dot org has written an article we have linked to here on our page.It’s well worth the short read.
Here are two quotes worth highlighting.
“The first and most important thing to say is that the crisis [in Catholic theology] is of the bishops’ own making. I do not claim that the profound secularization of culture which has eroded Catholic theology on every side is primarily the fault of the bishops, but it is certainly their fault ..”
And secondly .. “That is why it is necessary to exclude those who are no longer Catholic from theological positions within the Church. But exclusion requires more than teaching and sanctifying. Exclusion requires that bishops learn once again how to rule. By their failure to rule, the bishops have participated in the creation of this radical divide.”We’ve also included a link to an article that is soon to be published giving a splendid explanation of the Church’s teaching on homosexuality. It’s well worth the read.
GOD Love you .. and pray for the bishops.
I’m Michael Voris
Catholic Culture article

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