Saturday, December 17, 2011


This article from "The Housetops" by Thomas Augustin, on the subject of belief in the Real Presence and the need for reverence and respect for OUR LORD IN THE BLESSED SACRAMENT.

"As far as I know there was never an apparition of Our Lord asking for less reverence and more familiarity with Him. Did he ever say, "There is no need to genuflect when you come into My presence? When you come into My house, don't mind Me, but greet your neighbor instead; there is no need for silence and prayer. Don't worry about what you have on, let's not be formal. When did He say, "There is no need to0 kneel when you receive Me"? How may sacrileges come from not immediately consuming the Sacred Host?" How many more could be prevented by receiving on the tongue"? Can we picture Our Lord saying, "Now that you have pitched out all those distracting statues from the sanctuary, it's time to put Me out too; off to a side altar-or a little box in the wall will do."
"Some liturgical experts have imagined hat the Traditional Latin Liturgy was offensive to God because the priest turned his back to the people, made too many genuflections, and repetitive signs of the cross. They called for a reform in the Liturgy devoid of 'servile ' worship and undue reference to sacrifice.
"The truth is that Our Lord has put Himself in our care.. He has given us no other signs by which to recognize Him than the Transubstantiation of bread and wine.
It is up to us to demonstrate that we truly believe that God is present. When we genuflect we show adoration. When we kneel, we show that we are less then He. When
we are silent, we show reverence. Formal attire conveys respect. Modest dress shows shows docility to his commandments. By what signs do we give God His just due"?

(Too long have we gotten away from the signs that we respect Him, that we adore Him,
that we believe he is present, Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity. These were the teachings of years ago by our leaders, It is not so today, as the Mass has turned in to an action that we do out of repetition, that we feel good about doing when we feel like it. How many of you would go for weeks without taking a shower, or washing your hands and face to get the minute by minute dirt we acquire in our actions, and yet a year can go by, without cleansing the sins off our souls. Is it because we do not see the filth, and dirt collected on our souls. Do we feel that because we did not steal, killed, injured someone, that we have not sinned in our minds?
Wake up Catholics, you have been taught and lead wrongly. Those that know better have felt that because everyone else doesn't go to confession regularly, that you do not need to do it either. When we stand to be judged, will it be with thousands of others, or by ourselves? This is not a condemnation article that had been written, but an awakening article that you should take to heart. I am fortunate in that I go to mass where the truth is exposed, and the road to heaven is shown.
When we pass away from this present life, there is nothing we can do to change what has happened to make right the wrongs we have done.
Those of you that read these posts, please listen to these learned people, that only wish to lead you to the Narrow road that leads to Heaven, not the wide road, which many take that is easy, and leads to the fires of Hell.
Dominus Vobiscum )

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