Saturday, December 3, 2011

Michael Voris "All zeal, No Truth"

The much esteemed and highly loved archbishop Fulton J. Sheen used to say of the
conflict between Catholicism and Communism .. we have all truth and no zeal and the
communists have all zeal and no truth.
And isn’t that just the way of things. It seems in every age and every challenge .. that too
few Catholics have any zeal .. or what little zeal they have is quickly dispatched at the
slightest hint of challenge or confrontation.
But when you look at the Protestant world .. now there is a group with zeal. In fact .. one
looks at them and is more impressed with their zeal certainly than with their truth. They
certainly don’t fit the notion of having NO truth as Sheen would say of Communists .. but
they are lacking in the truth department .. sometime substantially.
Now granted .. there are many instances .. one suspects most instances in fact .. where
this is due to glaring ignorance of the TOTAL revealed truth .. and where they are lacking
is in large part owing to a lack of zeal among Catholics.
Take a look at this email ad that was went to me a couple of weeks back.
Its for a conference in mid-January in Orlando called .. Winning the Second Billion. The
upshot is clear enough. Evangelical Protestants claim to have converted a billion people
worldwide to Christianity and are now on schedule to start on the second billion. That
billion with a “B” by the way.
So they are having this massive conference with thousands of attendees .. many of them
preachers .. to put their heads together and map out how to get 5 million new “churches”
and rake in another Billion souls.
Now whether their math is spot on about having snared a billion souls for Christ is not
the point of this Vortex. I suspect their accounting methods are slightly exaggerated, but
that they are a worldwide force is beyond dispute.
Nor is the point of this Vortex to hammer out what the theological differences are
between Catholicism and this brand of Protestantism. There are many. MANY. Which
is why .. in the end .. this is very very troublesome.
Suffice it to say that to convince a naïve soul of a distorted and heretical view of Christ is
saddening in the extreme.
The point of this Vortex is to say .. where is the Catholic effort to do this?
Yes .. we hear all about The New Evangelization. This committee there has been formed
and that commission here has been established. A local council over in that diocese has begun a study and an ad-hoc panel over there has been assembled to review findings. Soon reports will be published and meetings scheduled to review the findings .. and summaries of the meetings of the minutes will undergo analysis and then be forwarded on to the department chairmen for their oversight and suggestions.
Then a statement will be issued whereby the local effort to begin to plan the next phase of the establishing of a blue-ribbon panel of distinguished scholars and experts will be set.
And one day .. boy one day .. when all that marshalling of forces has finally passed
through every bureaucratic hoop ever invented and dreamed of in the mind of man has
been done .. watch out brother .. when that happens .. man oh man .. just wait until you see the Catholic New Evangelization!
Are there really people in the Church establishment who wake up every day with a
burning zeal to convert one BILLION souls to the Faith? Really?
When you look around .. you see a LOT of zeal to chase down all kinds of earthly causes like limiting greenhouse gases and jumping into government policy decisions about immigration .. and pushing every [social so-called justice] program .. but skipping the usual official statement on a web page .. you see little else about preaching the truth ..insisting on the truth of Catholicism.
We hear much about not wanting to offend and being too insensitive to other faiths and needing to accommodate the feelings and emotions of every single person possible. And this is called being CHARITABLE. It couldn’t be further from being Charitable. It’s actually called cowardice. Being afraid to announce what is true because of the inevitable blowback is the stuff for wimps, official bureaucratic blue-ribbon panel approved wimps .. but wimps nonetheless.
When someone refuses to announce the truth to when another person’s soul is in the
balance, there are only two causes. The person is a coward.or they don’t really believe what they are supposed to announce is in fact .. actually the truth.
Either will condemn any effort of evangelization before it even gets started. There are hundreds of able Catholics all over America right now .. at this very minute .. on fire for the faith. I know .. I’ve personally shaken their hands and looked them in them in the eye.
I have breakfast lunch and dinner with them. We’ve talked on the way to the airport in the late night hours. We’ve talked about the condition of the Church until dawn at a local Denny’s or International House of Pancakes.
I’ve stayed back for hours after talks all over the country and heard these people in their zeal for the faith and they would alter their lives in a heartbeat to do the work of preaching the faith .. the authentic faith .. and save souls.
So .. here’s a suggestion .. why not take the millions of dollars spent on other less
important tasks .. and they are too numerous to count .. and divert it to teams of
enthusiastic missionaries who will go out into the world and preach Catholic truth
boldly .. clearly.... and without apology.
The Church exists for the sole reason of saving souls. Nothing more. It is not a giant social help agency or political lobbyist machine. Souls. Salvation. Heaven.
If we had kept our eyes on these final goals in the first place .. there wouldn’t even be talk of a NEW evangelization.
Preach the truth is all its glaring blinding beauty .. that is the only thing the Church is commissioned to do.
GOD Love you .. I’m Michael Voris.

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