Friday, December 23, 2011


Hello everyone and welcome to the Vortex where lies and falsehoods are trapped and
exposed. I’m Michael Voris.
Christmas time is a splendid time .. a time where the center of the life of God .. who He is at His core is abundantly evident.
And who God is .. not WHAT .. but WHO He is .. is Mercy .. the fullness of the
manifestation of the love God has for His sinful creatures.
And all we need to do is simply respond favorably .. really .. that’s all we need to do. God became Man. It’s really unfathomable when you start to dwell on it.
Incomprehensible actually. That the Eternal God would stoop from Heaven .. fly from
Heaven into the womb of a humble virgin so he could have flesh that would be brutalized and die on a cross.
And all so we could experience His forgiveness for having so treated Him. This could
only makes sense in the mind and heart of a God crazy in love with His creatures.
And about that forgiveness thing .. have you ever stopped to consider what ACTUALLY
is going on there. The dead are being raised, literally .. not in the body .. not just YET anyway .. that comes later .. but right now .. years and years of accumulated sins and animosity toward God .. resistance to His loving care .. rejection of His beauty .. decades of that in many
cases .. simply blotted out as the soul rejuvenates .. like Ezekiel’s valley of dry bones being rehydrated and reassembled.
What response could such a person give other than to cast themselves totally and
completely on God .. the source of their life? Seriously?
Such a person .. you or me .. forgiven so much .. and I mean here, the sinner dead for YEARS .. trapped in death dealing sin .. who has been forgiven all .. a sum of debt against God to great to count .. this person has no other ability other than to love God beyond measure.
Afterall .. who loves MORE .. the one forgiven little or the one forgiven MUCH?
We love God in the proportion of he degree of sins which have been forgiven. Here .. the image of St. Paul should be coming to mind .. or Augustine as well as many others. Insights and inspirations are then given to such people because they have flung themselves headlong into the Divine Life .. the source of all inspiration.
It’s like a child who early in life is terrified of the water .. who grows up to be an Olympic Gold Medalist in swimming.
Not only does he conquer his fear .. but he conquers is with such an abandon that he far excels all his peers.
But have you considered this .. the exhilaration of that feeling of being set free .. the EXPERIENCE of the God’s mercy .. is something God Himself will never know. Never having been ensnared by sin .. He cannot know the experience of having been set free from it.
Even the resurrection itself is a freeing from the EFFECT of sin [death] .. but Our
Blessed Lord never knew the experience of being RESTORED to the Father .. never
knew it because He was never separated from the Father because of sin.
God is so abundantly and overflowingly merciful and loving that he has accorded us
humans the grace to experience a supernatural thrill beyond measure .. flowing out from within the very life of the Trinity .. a thrill that He Himself does cannot know and experience as we do.
This is what happens to the hard hearted sinner who has delayed the sacrament of
confession for years on end. He does not care that you have sinned as much as He cares that you return. Being somewhat unapproachable in His Divine Majesty .. he hides it beneath the flesh of a child wrapped in swaddling clothes laying in a feeding trough. This is the story of forgiveness .. the epic of mercy .. written in ever so small lettering on that first lonely Christmas two millennia ago. The gift that Our Lord wants to give this Christmas is the one that He always wants to give .. and you might call it .. the gift that keeps on giving.
GOD Love you .. I’m Michael Voris.

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