Wednesday, December 28, 2011

"Know it all"

Hello everyone and welcome to the Vortex where lies and falsehoods are trapped and
exposed. I’m Michael Voris
When you go down the list of careers .. many of them require what’s called continuing
education where you learn about new laws of industry standards or anything else new that
affects the way you do business.
From accounting to law to medicine to teaching .. practically every industry understands that the world changes and with those changes come changes in how business must be conducted.
Now let’s shift over to the world of faith and religion and theology.
I was sitting with a fellow a few days ago who is extremely accomplished in his field ..financially successful .. well –respected .. considered a virtual expert by many of his peers. And this fellow has the creds to back up the high praise.
THEN the topic shifted to religion .. Catholicism in particular. All of a sudden .. it was like talking so someone with the knowledge base of a 3rd grader.
All of sudden .. things came into focus .. one of those brief episodes referred to as a Damascus moment .. when the lights suddenly go on and you GET something obvious
you had just over looked before.
Brilliant doctors and lawyers and bankers and corporate executives who could tell you
practically anything about their respective careers .. cant whistle a simple tune when it comes to the faith .. regardless of their PhD’s or millions of dollars in the bank.
See .. we have a tendency to see someone as smart and successful as being smart about
EVERYTHING. But that’s just not true.
They’re only smart about what they do each day by waking up and being exposed to it
each and every day. They are constantly talking with other people in their industry and hanging out with them and taking note of the latest news and information and the latest and greatest whatever.
They are the TOPS when it comes to their own business .. but when it comes to the
faith .. they haven’t heard or been exposed to anything new probably since they were 14 when Confirmation classes ended.
And if they’re under roughly 55 .. chances are whatever they learned was wrong or
incomplete anyway.
How many professionals would you trust whose knowledge base hasn’t advanced since
they were a teenager.
Yet .. this is how most people get the faith today .. from a catholic person who has no formal study whatsoever beyond junior high school .. and who forms practically every thought or insight they have based on nothing beyond their own opinion.
But what is their opinion based on? Certainly not knowledge because they don’t have
any to speak of .. certainly not any kind of mature knowledge.
What’s in their heads is what they heard and more importantly PROCESSED as a
teenager. So despite now being able to run a bank or manage law firms or whatever ..
they are nothing more than teenagers in their knowledge of the faith.
So .. let me ask you a question .. with no disrespect to teenagers .. how many children do you know that you can go to for sound and solid counsel when it comes to the matter of your eternal destiny?
Yet .. with practically no real working knowledge of the faith .. loads of people spout of about religion in general and Catholicism specifically like they ACTUALLY know what they are talking about .. and more surprisingly .. other people ACTUALLY listen to them like they know what they are talking about.
Having an opinion about the faith is a far cry from being able to actually answer a
question based on accurate information and knowledge.
No one would consult a doctor about how to fix leaky pipes in his basement. Likewise
no one would ask his accountant for advice about how to fix the carburetor in his ’68
Mustang. But anyone who opens his loud mouth with an uninformed yet passionate opinion about the catholic faith suddenly gets treated like some sort of expert. The uncle who thought an annulment was stupid or the mother in law who thinks the Church is out of step about women priests or birth control.
These types of people with their errant opinions.. and that’s all they are .. opinions .. are deferred to without the slightest thought of asking them for their credentials. They are "know it alls" .. without knowing anything.
Time for faithful Catholics to start educating themselves so as the inevitable
conversations start develop during the upcoming holiday season .. that you can give an INFORMED answer that shuts down your opinionated relative or friend and lets people know that’s there’s more to the Catholic faith than just opinion. There is in fact .. objective truth. And .. that no one likes a "Know it All",or someone that thinks they know it all, and yet know nothing.
GOD Love You.
I’m Michael Voris

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