Wednesday, December 14, 2011

"Joan of Arc, was a Lesbian?"

Homosexual Hate Speech
Hello everyone and welcome to the Vortex where lies and falsehoods are trapped and
exposed. I’m Michael Voris.
Every now and then .. we come across some of the stupidest claims you can imagine.
And they would be totally laughable and dismissible if it weren’t for the fact that they gain traction because “scholars” and “experts” bandy them about and write books and articles pushing them in highly visible media outlets.
One such occasion is a recent posting .. actually a series of posting and articles on the intellectually-challenged website .. the Huffington Post .. nick named Huff Po among its legions of devoted liberal non-thinkers.
A recent series of articles has been published claiming that various saints of the Catholic Church were/are QUEER.
The first of the articles is called Joan of Arc and nine other Queer saints. The point of the series is .. according to the article .. “.. a way to celebrate and honor those who did not live "straight" lives and to discover role models and trail blazers who may have been obscured, forgotten, or stripped of their queerness.”
Are you flipping kidding me?! Seriously. As absolutely dumb as this sounds .. it has a world of sound scholarship behind .. according to the radically feminine homosexual
activist movement .. who, of course, have a dog in this fight .. likely a chihuahua.
The article goes on to quote the work of Susan Stryker and Stephen Whittle who have
published their propaganda . er .I mean “findings” in a work entitled The Transgender
Studies Reader. And here’s a shock .. Susan Stryker is a lesbian and Stephen Little is actually a woman who underwent surgery to change his outward sexual appearance to that of a man .. also mistakenly referred to as being transgendered – mistaken because there is no such thing ..but hey .. we digress.
So these two put together a publication and quote other people who agree with them ..
and their “findings” spread because the lesbian Stryker carries with her the cache of
having been a post doctoral Fellow at Stanford University.
So after that set up .. what’s their reasoning that Joan of Arc was an out and proud
lesbian? Hold on now .. WAIT FOR IT .. WAIT FOR IT …. because she wore men’s clothes and was burned at the stake for refusing to put on women’s clothes.
Yep that’s their claim. A young teenage maiden who led French forces into the fog of
war on horseback at the prompting of Divine voices and saved France was burned at the
stake for being a “queer” [their word, not ours] lesbian transvestite.
Is there no end to what hate-filled spittle-producing homosexuals will say to slam the
Catholic Church. Not to mention .. is there no end to the absolutely ridiculously stupid
comments they will make to support their desire to be seen as normal for wanting to have
sex with each other.
Heads up Gay Nation. It ain’t normal. Never was. Never will be. And stop trying to coopt
Catholicism into your hellish agenda. PLEASE. Joan of Arc was a lesbian because
she wore men’s clothes?
She wore men’s battle gear because she was in battle. She was in battle because she
heard Divine voices that told her to go into battle. What do you think a 19 year old girl
SHOULD wear on horseback as she’s wielding a sword on a battlefield .. GUCCI?
The clothing became an issue because it was attached to the issue of her in battle and the
issue of her being in battle became an issue because it went to the issue of her claiming to
hear voices that she said were Divine .. for which she was burned at the stake for heresy.
In order to enlighten these vociferous spite-filled homosexuals bent on saying anyone
famous in history was gay so it makes them LOOK normal .. we say .. look at the final
transcripts of her trial .. her judgment and her execution that we have provided over here.
Allow me to quote one line .. one very pertinent line from the transcript itself as she is
being tied to the stake ..
your errors have been destroyed in a public preaching, We declare that you must be
abandoned and that We do abandon thee to the secular authority, as a member of Satan,
separate from the Church, infected with the leprosy of heresy, in order that you may not
corrupt also the other members of Christ;”.
That is not a statement executing her for her deplorable taste in fashion .. but for her
HERESY in claiming to hear voices.
But this is standard fare for the homosexual movement .. make their twisted and perverse
understanding of sexual morality seem normal by making up stuff about historical figures
or combing thru the pages of history books looking for ANYTHING that even remotely
could be twisted into “PROOF” that Leonardo da Vinci or Joan of Arc was gay.
And the overall point they completely miss is this .. even if .. and they weren’t .. but even
if these historical figures WERE attracted to the same sex .. that doesn’t mean they were
having sexual relations with them .. or thought it was good and holy.
IF they are in heaven .. and in the case of St. Joan of Arc .. she is .. it isn’t BECAUSE she was a transvestite or lesbian or whatever .. but IN SPITE of it. One would think that there probably are citizens of the Heavenly Kingdom who while on earth had to overcome same-sex attraction .. but they are in Heaven PRECISELY because they DID overcome it .. not because the celebrated it and marched in parades and performed lewd acts in public and tossed condoms off floats .. or in the case of Joan of Arc .. refused to give up her Wranglers and cowboy boots.
Stop defaming our saints in your cause to make evil good and what is good evil.
St. Joan of Arc .. pray for us.
God love you,
I'm Michael Voris

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