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Michael Voris "two front War"

Two Front War

Hello everyone and welcome to the Vortex where lies and falsehoods are trapped and
exposed. I’m Michael Voris.
The struggle between Protestantism and Catholicism .. which is just one battle the Church is in .. is clearly being won by Protestants.
See the Church is in a two-front war right now. One front is being waged in the cultural arena where we are doing battle with secular humanism and the supporters of moral relativism. It’s bloody and not going so well.
The other front is being waged with the 500 year old heresy of Protestantism and here ..the situation is actually worse and that’s because there is almost a total lack of fight against it.
As in almost any military campaign where a two front war is being engaged .. resources are diverted to which ever front seems to be in greater need. Right now .. that looks like the cultural war front because that’s the one that gets all the headlines. Things like Abortion and Homosexual Marriage and so forth dominate.
But the even greater enemy may be the theological indifferentism and near paralysis that has befallen the Church when it comes confronting the heresy of Protestantism. As we discussed yesterday .. there are big mouth lying preachers who occupy the spotlight in the mega-Church Protestant world .. true enough.
As wrongly inspiring as they are for their millions of minions that hang on their every word as they fork over 10% of every dime they earn these preachers .. the preachers and their influence are only part of the problem.
Inside the Catholic Church .. there are hundreds .. thousands of Catholic priests who are simply unprepared to cope with the Protestant onslaught against their flock .. either intellectually or personally or both.
Intellectual unpreparedness goes back to the issue of their lack of training in seminary. Many of them simply have not been given the skill set to fight back against the heresy.
Back in the day .. practically every Catholic priest was trained to some degree in
apologetics .. and was able to make ample defense of the faith and intellectually disarm Protestantism. Today .. not so much.
It’s one reason why so many Catholics leave the Church and go to a Protestant building.
The errors of Protestantism have not been adequately explained NOR the truths of
Catholicism. The priest is quite often lacking in sufficient knowledge of Catholicism
himself and therefore unable to argue against or even recognize the errors of Protestant position.But there is a further aspect to this. Not only are many priests ill-equipped to fight the
Protestant heresy .. but many also lack the stomach. They simply do not have
personalities that relish fighting for souls.
They are more weak-kneed and have the constitution of someone more gifted at planning
a luncheon to talk about disagreements than to get in the trenches and slug it out. On some level .. they even quietly admire the vast crowds that come to Protestant megabuilding on Sundays.They do not have the stuff of warriors and this gets communicated one way or another to the Catholics sitting in their pews.
Those Catholics end up either leaving the Church and religion altogether .. as is the case with about 50 percent of former Church going Catholics OR they run across to Protestant Pastor Pete who of course welcomes them with open arms .. as is the case with the other 50 percent of former Catholics according to poll after poll.
The Catholics who remain do so for a variety of reasons .. most of them wrong. They stay because of ethnic heritage .. or they like the priest personally or they’re just
“comfortable” there because that’s “what we’ve always done”.
Some .. some .. stay for the truth .. the Eucharist .. but most are astonishingly unaware of Him who resides in their Church under the appearance of bread and wine.
Like many efforts in carrying out the reforms of the Second Vatican Council .. it must be admitted that the call to ecumenism and evangelization has also been a spectacular failure.
Seminary training regressed to the point that Protestantism .. as blatant a heresy as there ever could be .. could not have a large scale adequate defense mustered against it.
This is why the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass in so many parishes resembles a Protestant
service more than a Catholic Mass.
And its why today .. so many Catholics in the pews don’t really see that much of a
difference between Catholicism and Protestantism. But the Catholics who got up out of
the pews by the tens of millions sure saw a difference.
And what they saw at Protestant Pastor Pete’s church building they liked more. No matter how nicely its dressed up and how polite the people are .. even genuine .. what’s being preached and celebrated over there is heresy.
For Catholic priests to admire the style and marketing and then try to imitate it betokens a sufficient lack of understanding of their own priestly identity. Catholic priests are first and last Alter Christus – other Christs .. not mega-congregation showmen. When this Vortex ends … think of one specific priest you know and say a Hail Mary for him.
GOD Love You.
Michael Voris

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