Monday, December 19, 2011

34, thousand billion watts

34 Thousand Billion Watts
Hello everyone and welcome to the Vortex where lies and falsehoods are trapped and
exposed. I’m Michael Voris.
The famous Shroud of Turin is back in the news .. again. For those who don’t know .. the
shroud is widely held to be the burial shroud of Our Blessed Lord in the tomb.
Without getting into all the detail and history .. suffice it so say that the belief about the
shroud aroused the curiosity of science and the cloth has been subjected to a battery of
tests of every technology known to man to try and determine its authenticity.
But the lingering question .. for which the greatest scientific minds in the world have not
been able to arrive at an answer is this .. how did the image of a crucified man get on the
shroud .. it is the question on questions.
According to Vatican Insider Magazine .. ENEA, the National Agency for New
Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development, has published a
report on five years of experiments conducted on the shroud.
ENEA says .. quote .“Simply put: we tried to understand how the Shroud of
Turin was imprinted by an image so special that it constitutes its charm,
and poses a great and very radical challenge, "to identify the physical and
chemical processes capable of generating a color similar to that of the
image on the Shroud. "
So .. what’s the conclusion of the report. That it would have taken .. get this .. 34
Thousand Billion Watts of VUV radiations to make that image on the shroud.
34 thousand billion watts .. 34 thousand billion!
So .. why don’t scientists just get a similar cloth and blast it with 34 thousand billion
watts of radiation? Because modern science can’t count that high. According to the report
.. quote “This level of power cannot be produced by any VUV light source built to date
(the most powerful available on the market come to several billion watts )”.
So .. here’s a question for all our atheist friends? How does a corpse suddenly blast forth
34 thousand billion watts of VUV radiation in the twinkling of an eye?
We Catholics have an answer. What’s yours?
And just imagine. Personal faith .. Piety and Devotion tells us that the same body that
radiated that energy in a burial cloth in a cave is the same one we will soon celebrate as
being wrapped in a swaddling cloth and placed in a manger in a cave.
34 thousand billion watts. Imagine what heaven will be like!
GOD Love you .. I’m Michael Voris.

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