Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Still No Statement from Bishop Murphy
Like Alice's journey through Wonderland, things at OLL are getting "curiouser and curiouser."
Earlier in the week an OLL parishioner was told by a secretary in the rectory that a statement from Bishop Murphy on the Rapanaro situation was in the process of being transcribed and would soon be announced.In a phone conversation with the rectory a few days later, as reported in an earlier post, one of the secretaries denied that an investigation of Rapanaro had taken place, insisting that the word "investigation" was a "poor choice of words." The diocese, she claimed, had only undertaken a "review" of the well-known singer and concluded that he could remain employed at OLL, and she confirmed then that Rapanaro was still employed at OLL.Given these two reports, many in the parish assumed a public statement from Bishop Murphy was forthcoming which would provide for a quick rehabilitation of Peter Rapanaro and re-establish him as music minister.This Sunday's bulletin, however, does not contain any statement from Bishop Murphy as was expected. Even stranger, Msgr. Lisante's weekly letter to the parish is missing from its customary place on the third page. On closer examination, the third page looks curiously empty compared to the other pages in the bulletin. The font is suspiciously large with an inordinate amount of blank space between announcements. In addition, the bulletin was not available online until late this morning---it's usually up Thursday or Friday.Hmmmm . . . Now this is just pure speculation, but it appears to this observer at least that Msgr. L. did have a statement on Rapanaro prepared for publication in the bulletin, and it was pulled at the last minute. Did Bishop Murphy change his mind? Did Lisante change his mind? Were there some last-minute revelations about Rapanaro? Did Rapanaro get disgusted and quit? Was the secretary misinformed????We just don't know. I do suspect, though, that a lot of people will be peeking in to church tomorrow to see if Peter Rapanaro, the Rockville Centre golden boy, is leading the congregation in song. Will a third week go by without his melodious tenor voice at the Sunday morning Mass? It will be fascinating to see.

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