Wednesday, November 12, 2008

He said- I said- Who said? They said?

Why is Msgr. Lisante claiming that Bishops Murphy (center) and Dunne (far left) want certain parishioners to leave Our Lady of Lourdes?I have just learned from a parishioner, a man of unimpeachable character and orthodoxy, that Msgr. Lisante has stated that the Children's Mass is being cancelled at the behest of Bishops Murphy and Dunne.Msgr. Lisante said the reason these two bishops want this Mass cancelled is because they believe the "subversives" at this Mass are the cause of the letters and phone calls to the chancery protesting the Blockley and Rapanaro affairs.Lisante went on to claim that the Bishops believe if the Mass is cancelled, all the unwelcome "subversives" will leave the parish.If what Msgr. Lisante is blaming on these two Bishops is true, this information is very troubling for two reasons:1) it reveals that while Bishop Murphy declares publicly that he wants every parish to be a safe zone for children, in private he is willing to exact the most ruthless payback on a small group of parishioners for bringing Fr. Blockley's unauthorized presence in the diocese to his attention.2) it also reveals that while Bishop Murphy publicly proclaims his defense of traditional marriage, he is apparently willing to tolerate the presence of prominent gay-marriage advocate Peter Rapanaro as a vocalist in the diocese and is determined to punish those protesting Rapanaro's employment at OLL.If, on the other hand, Lisante is using these bishops as cover for his own retribution on these families and parishioners, then he is a surprisingly harsh and vindictive man, with very little regard for truth and decency.Either way, this incredible news is a huge red flag that something is seriously amiss at Our Lady of Lourdes and in the Diocese of Rockville Centre.

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