Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Lisante attacking Fr Mason the past pastor, because he is affraid to face the parishioners

Rectory Slander?
I've been contacted by an OLL parishioner with important verification regarding the ongoing charges against Fr. Mason by rectory personnel. Please read his judicious statement below for an excellent recap of the situation:There appears to be a remarkably repulsive new development in the battle for the soul of Our Lady of Lourdes parish in Massapequa Park. Apparently, Msgr. Lisante’s rectory has put the word out that Fr. Mason, the former pastor, is behind the entire campaign against Msgr. Lisante. In addition they say that Fr. Mason is directly responsible for all the articles in Newsday and The Wanderer detailing Msgr. Lisante’s mismanagement and scandalous behavior. This is being said with the guarantee of absolute certainty.Unfortunately for the slanderer(s), we know with true absolute certainty, that this charge is completely false and has no merit whatsoever. We know it is false because we personally know the individual(s) who are actually responsible for the publication of the articles and we can categorically deny it is Fr. Mason. In fact, the opposite is true. Fr. Mason has been appalled that these articles have been published and has discouraged any activity which would bring any disrepute on Msgr. Lisante. Fr. Mason, as those who know him would expect, has been nothing but a Christian gentleman throughout this entire ordeal. Admonishing those who would hurt or bring scandal to the church, he has not spoken a single word of calumny against Msgr. Lisante or anyone else.The lies and slander now being spread about Fr. Mason, and the previous threats by Msgr. Lisante to remove Fr. Mason if the parishioners do not fall in line behind Lisante’s agenda, indicate it is only a matter of time before Fr. Mason is forced out through manufactured excuses. Please pray for Fr. Mason, the dedicated, holy, orthodox, former pastor of this once great parish. But pray even more for those who persecute him, after all they will need our prayers even more than he does.

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