Wednesday, November 12, 2008

et tu Bishop?

Whitewashing Gay Marriage at OLL: Will Bishop Murphy Comply?
Peter Rapanaro proudly displaying a poster of "My Big Gay Italian Wedding," the blasphemous play he directed in 2003. For more details on his play, click here.With the new disclosure from the OLL rectory that the controversial Peter Rapanaro will remain on the payroll as the parish music minister, it's obvious that Jim Lisante is determined to make Our Lady of Lourdes a gay-friendly parish.On record since 1985 as saying that the Church's teaching on homosexuality forces people to lead double lives, Lisante (a former Dignity chaplain), is apparently trying to make the radical gay agenda acceptable to the people of Our Lady of Lourdes.The only question remaining is whether Bishop Murphy will provide cover for this scandal being allowed to continue at Our Lady of Lourdes.It is inexplicable that a bishop who has attacked gay marriage for two weeks in a row in his own diocesan newspaper would let one of his pastors impose an open supporter of sodomite marriage on a parish in his diocese.In a surprising turn of events, Bishop Murphy in his column today boldly attacks the phenomenon of gay marriage: "The drum beat to make private sexual relations between two persons of the same sex into “marriage” has powerful forces for change behind it. Yet it is, as I have written before, pure “non sense" . . . In our promiscuous society, we would be in a sorry state if every time two persons “had sex” they would be recognized as married!"Murphy goes on to define the "love" between homosexuals as "a love that expresses itself in unnatural acts, acts that go against the teleology of the body, acts that not only contradict our bodily structure but which the whole Judaeo-Christian ethic has always labeled as sinful, whether one reads Leviticus or one reads St. Paul."Let's hope that Bishop Murphy has enough integrity to block Lisante's plan to bring a supporter of gay marriage into the sanctuary of Our Lady of Lourdes. If the Bishop does go along with this travesty of Catholic morality, he will look weak, inconsistent and hypocritical--as if he is not capable of saying no to the popular and well-known monsignor, despite his own recent public statements against gay marriage.This will lead many to ask how a priest like Lisante could force the bishop of a major diocese to play along with his schemes and manipulations. Many are already baffled that Lisante was allowed to get away with a brash defense of his own actions in the Blockley affair in his letter to the parish in the Aug. 24 OLL bulletin. where Lisante made bold insinuations about Bishop Tomas Camacho, a sitting bishop of another diocese, and carelessly brushed aside Bishop Murphy's expulsion of Fr. Blockley.Watch how Lisante cleverly spun Bishop Murphy's expulsion of Blockley in his letter: "[Blockley] has been asked to leave because he does not have the necessary paperwork from his Bishop to permit his work in our diocese."With a sweep of his pen, Lisante reduces Bishop Murphy's expulsion of Blockley, a severe disciplinary and punitive measure reserved for open theological dissidents or priests who have committed criminal acts, as merely a matter of missing paperwork!In the same way Lisante is now boldy glossing over the Rapanaro controversy, except this time we're not talking about violating ecclesiastical discipline. Rather, what Lisante is trying to legitimize is sodomy, one of the most disordered violations of God's plan for man, something so offensive to Him that Sodom and Gomorrah were completely incinerated.What remains to be seen is how Lisante's version of this seedy affair compares to the official diocesan response which we are still awaiting. Will they converge, or will Lisante be allowed to spin his own version of reality yet again and continue his efforts to normalize the gay lifestyle into Catholic culture?We shall see, but if the Bishop decides to rubber-stamp this lie, don't expect me to be silent about it.

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