Thursday, November 13, 2008

Father X and his help in our cause

Appeal to the DRVC Clergy
Msgr. Lisante can get along famously with celebrities and NY's beautiful people, but is his heart really with his own parishioners?
Last week I mentioned that some of the OLL parishioners were going to make a wide appeal to an unknown constituency. I am now at liberty to tell you that almost 300 small packets containing a letter from Fr. X along with a letter explaining the situation at Our Lady of Lourdes have been sent to all the priests of the Diocese of Rockville Centre. For a look at the letters that were sent, check back here and here.
It is their earnest hope that many of the priests in the diocese will respond with prayers for a just and speedy resolution to the ongoing crisis at Our Lady of Lourdes. They are also making a humble request for advice or suggestions as they endeavor to deal with the consequences of the many questionable pastoral decisions made by the new pastor in the past four months.
As has been reiterated here on this blog many times, a wise and compassionate pastor would have found a way to step carefully around the potential landmines in this unique parish, well-known for its solid conservative base and its preference for traditional Catholic beliefs and practices, managed for three decades by the same pastor.
Instead, the flamboyant new pastor rapidly pushed forward a completely foreign agenda, with no attempt to bond with his new parish or to seek understanding and good will from all sides involved.
If I had to pinpoint the biggest mistake that was made so far I'd have to say it was Msgr. Lisante's shockingly careless, indifferent attitude when it was discovered he'd been harboring a suspended priest in the diocese for eight years. His attempt to foist a completely unvetted, unauthorized priest, AWOL from his own diocese, upon his new parish, to be in contact with children and young people in stark violation of the rules and regulations mandated by the USCCB and outlined by the so-called Dallas Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People was what stunned and outraged many in the parish, the watershed moment which tragically cemented the resolve of many in the parish against their new pastor.
Msgr. Lisante has yet to apologize for his egregious and irresponsible part in this affair. He has refused to answer the many calls, emails and letters he has received concerning Fr. Blockley's presence in the parish and continues to ignore all those who attempt to communicate with him about his further decisions: the appointment of Peter Rapanaro, the cutting of Masses and confessions, and the threats and intimidations made to Fr. Mason.
This has nothing to do with political or theological preferences. This is, quite simply, pastoral management at its very worst, and it has baffled, hurt and offended many, many people in the parish. This is the heart of the crisis---a pastor who, for some reason or another, has shown very little interest or regard for the feelings and concerns of his people. This is the issue that must be addressed someday soon:
Is Msgr. Lisante's heart really in this new assignment? Is he really committed to making this parish function like a family? Is he willing to roll up his sleeves and begin working towards a new understanding and involvement with his parishioners?
That's what remains to be seen, and hopefully, perhaps some in the diocese will step forward, albeit anonymously, with prayers and good counsel for those involved. Our grateful thanks to those of you kind enough to do so.

With the Lord at our side, Who can stand against us?
Thank you all for your help, prayers, and assistance, this is not just one persons resistance, but the whole parish of Our Lady Of Lourdes Massapequa Park.
All telephone calls to Sean Dolan are now being intercepted by his secretary, and after giving him our telephone number, we never get any call back, I have been waiting over three weeks, plus have called two times, once to Bishop Murphy.
Like we say in Brooklyn, A FISH STINKS FROM THE HEAD DOWN!

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