Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Peter Rapanaro of "MY BIG GAY ITALIAN WEDDING" director

Dolan Fumbles His Lines
According to the OLL rectory, Sean Dolan, the DRVC spokesman, bungled the Rapanaro story.
A good friend just called to tell me that an answer to the Rapanaro situation has finally surfaced. Calling the rectory this afternoon, he was informed by the secretary that Rapanaro is indeed still employed at OLL. When asked the results of the diocesan investigation of the controversial music minister, the secretary objected to the word "investigation," insisting it was "a poor choice of words."She reported that the Rockville Centre Diocese conducted a "review" of Peter Rapanaro this past week and concluded that he may remain employed at OLL. When asked, she confirmed that all employees must undergo such reviews.Apparently, according to what the OLL secretary has reported, Sean Dolan, the diocesan spokesman, mistakenly used the term "investigation" in his official statement to The Wanderer reporter two weeks ago. When Dolan told the same friend of mine last week that there were "serious accusations" against Peter Rapanaro that were being "investigated," he was apparently using incorrect terminology in that phone conversation also.If the secretary is correct, Peter Rapanaro was merely going through the obligatory background screening required of all diocesan employees---(the only major problem being that his background check was administered three weeks after he was hired!)There's something that doesn't add up here. Is it really credible that the unflappable Sean Dolan, Bishop Murphy's spokesman, a man known for his careful and exact use of words, could make such a clumsy blunder and incorrectly report that Rapanaro was being "investigated" because of "serious accusations" against him when instead the diocese was just conducting a routine employee "review?"Either Sean Dolan was misinformed or he was deliberately misleading the public the last two weeks, or this is the same devious kind of "spin" Msgr. Lisante gave his parish about the Blockley affair after his long-time assistant was expelled by Bishop Murphy.
So . . . the shell-game between the OLL rectory and the DRVC chancery continues. It will be interesting to see if another new twist is forthcoming tomorrow. Be sure to stay tuned in!

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