Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Obama's Gay Embassador

Obama’s “Gay” Ambassadors
Hello everyone and welcome to The Vortex where lies and falsehoods are trapped and
exposed. I’m Michael Voris coming to you from The Philippines.
All the way over here in The Philippines .. you can feel the tremors coming out of
Obama’s White House.
Yesterday we told you about his back door attempts to get contraception .. and by
extension abortion .. legalized over here.
Today .. and this shouldn’t come as a surprise .. a look at his full court press to get the militant homosexual agenda established here as well. And for the record .. this game plan is not just limited to The Philippines.
The US Presidency wields tremendous clout and influence around the world through its
diplomatic corps .. its ambassadors .. emanating from the State Department.
Sitting atop the Obama’s State Department is none other them Mother Hen herself ..
Hilary Clinton an unabashed die hard supporter of child killing and sodomy.
Between Obama and Hilary .. they have managed to drop into various countries the
sorriest set of diplomats ever to grace the world stage .. a group of ideological stooges. Here in the Philippines .. the US ambassador is a clown by the name of Harry Thomas, who’s almost first official duty was to throw a party for every lesbian gay bisexual transgender Filipino the US Embassy here could dig up.
At this “party” he gave a speech in full throated support for so-called gay rights. In his closing remarks he said the following .. "Ladies and gentlemen, I am not tonight asking you to leave shouting that you are gay; I am not asking you to endanger yourselves in the face of other peoples’ hatred and blindness. But I am asking you leave this place on this night with one thought and one goal: to protect and love someone. Love is what matters; gender is not important.” (Sounds like one of Lisante's teachings)
What a massive insult in the face of a majority Catholic country. Obama’s audacity
knows no bounds. He has a view of the world and he is hell bent to make sure that
everyone accepts it come hell or high water.
Everywhere you look, the United States, Africa .. Asia .. this megalomaniac is bound
and determined to make the Church and her followers bend to his will and he freely
wields the power of the US Presidency to do it.
It isn't enough that his policies have force America to the edge of financial bankruptcy ..not to mention moral bankruptcy .. but he is aggressively advancing his case in every foreign territory he can set his seal as well.
The Philippines must seem to him to be an especially rich target .. owing to its deep
Catholic roots and up to now, lack of legalized divorce, contraception and abortion.
To plant ambassadors like Harry Thomas in this country is nothing less than an affront to the native population. But .. you will remember .. that he even had the chutzpah to try and foist pro-abortion ambassadors on the Vatican itself. The Pope’s men kept quietly deferring until Obama got the message.
And when you add the insult of Catholic in name only Kathleen Sebellius to Obama’s
cabinet .. the picture is pretty clear.
Immediately following Obama’s asinine explanation last week of how he would alter the
health care mandate to force insurance companies to pay for birth control for workers at Catholic institutions .. Sebellius went on the media speaking circuit .. being interviewed on every major liberal network.
She sat there, extolling the “rights”“needs” of women to birth control. She called it
preventative health care. Was there ever a more imbecilic way to describe contraception? Pregnancy isn’t a disease. How exactly does birth control improve your health? Since when does someone have a “right” to birth control paid for by someone else? For that fact .. when does anyone have a right at all to birth control? If you don’t want to get pregnant .. don’t have sex.
But we disgress however, only slightly. It is this morally blind pabluum that will be
spewing forth here in the Philippines in fact has already begun .. as Obama’s troops
keep stressing the “need” for casual sex .. contraception for heterosexuals and love for militant homosexuals.
Obama and his designs for not just America but the world are evil. The man hold to a
world view that seems like it would make Satan himself blush. Somewhere along the
way .. this man has gotten into his head the idea that he is President of the World.
As Catholic opposition to him in the US hopefully hardens .. Catholics in other parts of the world are praying that not only is he unable to fulfill his ambitions to be President of the World .. but that come November .. he isn’t even President of the US any more. Reporting from Cebu City the Philippines, this is Michael Voris. GOD Love you.

(sounds like he is reporting all that Lisante teaches, and "Itchy Watch" loves.)

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