Thursday, February 2, 2012

Heavenly Peace

Heavenly Peace
Hello everyone and welcome to The Vortex where lies and falsehoods are trapped and
exposed. I’m Michael Voris.
So .. have you ever stopped to consider what heaven will be like .. in how we relate to
one another I mean.
Down here .. we’re always disagreeing over this or that .. some things minor, some things
But on moral principles and matters of objective truth .. there can be no disagreement .. at
least not in heaven.
In heaven .. all in peaceful because there is nothing but unity .. because God is unity.
There is no disagreement in God .. and there can be no disagreement among his faithful
in heaven.
Our Blessed Lord even make this his prayer just hours before his Passion begins .. That
they Father may be One just as you and I are one.
So .. can you imagine .. for even a slight instant .. disagreement in heaven? Well .. it
makes no sense at all!
Souls on one cloud aren’t declaring how good abortion was on earth while souls on
another cloud are saying it was evil.
Likewise .. some of the angels aren’t thinking adultery or pornography or cohabiting or
fornication were perfectly fine .. while some other angels and a few saints are roundly
condemning it.
These two groups would be at odds with each other and you wouldn’t have heaven .. but
just an eternity of the fighting we already have down here. That could hardly be
described as heaven now could it?
No. Either the pure of heart are correct and these things are sinful and damnable and
those who called them good while they were on earth are tormented – OR – the pure in
heart are naïve nincompoops who missed all the fun on earth while the partiers had their
heaven on earth and in eternity.
Both sides CANT be right. Either there are objective evils and sin or there are not. But
whichever the case .. we KNOW that BOTH positions cannot be the case in Heaven.
So the only thing left to do is figure out WHICH position is correct.
So .. is sexual license and objectification of the body and lack of respect for the divine
imaging in each person the essence of Heaven .. or is the rejection of all the above and an
embracing of the reflection of the Divine in each person what goes in Heaven?
What passes for the heavenly in heaven is how we need to be understanding and acting
on earth. Short of that .. we will go to a place wherein dwell those who called evil good
and good evil.
There are no disagreements in Heaven .. only peace!
GOD Love you.
I’m Michael Voris.

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