Friday, February 3, 2012

How Christians are fooled into voting for Obama

[QUOTE who="Itchy Watch"]
All that mental masturbation is going to make you even crazier, Itchy.
What's troubling, Itchy, is that because I comment on your post, you automatically assume that I support abortion rights (where have I ever said that?). What I object to is you and all of the other crazies who want to go war with anyone who doesn't believe the way you do. There are two sides to every story and just because someone doesn't accept you point of view doesn't mean that they're wrong.
But I would expect you to understand any of this, moron. And that's because you're just plain nuts.[/QUOTE]

The above rant, was in answer to my posting of "Is this what msgr believes now?"
Fortunately I can screen out all of the rantings that I am subjected to on other blogs. My answer to his rant was:

"Good Catholics. I am restraining myself from answering the rants of this poster. If someone can not see the effects of Obamaism, the proliferation of his Secretary of State to impose through the
U.N., Abortions, then you do not know what is happening through the U.N., and how Abortions are being fed through-out the world.
Obama's withholding of money to Hospitals that will not give contraceptives, and abortions, is breaking the boundaries between politics and Religion, with the risk of sanctions and closure.
You must be blind not to see this. He had gotten those phony Democrats that stated they did not want Government money being used for Abortions, to vote for his health bill, and once he had gotten
the Health-care bill passed, proceeded innocuously ahead with his planned parenthood agenda. This is why Catholics voted by a margin of 55-45% for the most pro-death President in history. And if his Abortion history is not enough, according to the Health-care bill, a committee will meet with anyone on medicare, to talk to them about EUTHANASIA, IF THEY ARE ILL. Once again abrogating the wall between Government and Religion. This is just a small sample of the items that are bothering me, and all the while He claims to be a CHRISTIAN? I guess that JUDAS also claimed to be a follower of Jesus. Wake up Christians, and look at his record, do not be fooled by what he promises, or the smoke screen he puts up just to get re-elected.He started out by covering up the crucifix at Georgetown before delivering a speech, so as not to offend Muslims or Atheists, proceeded to declare that “America is not a Christian nation.” This is the actions of a person claiming to be a Christian? A great Liberal ploy, that should not work a second time around. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, SHAME ON ME."

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