Friday, February 3, 2012


[QUOTE who="Itchy Watch"]
Another right-wing, conservative rant, Itchy? Confusing religion and politics again? The lunacy never cease, Itchy.[/QUOTE]

That was his responce to my last post: "Will you vote for GOD? Or Obama?"
See that Folks, the follower of Msgr Lisante, No longer believes in what Lisante believes. "Itchy Watch" is now PRO-ABORTION!

You decide Catholics. Pro-GOD?, or Pro-Obama? Anti-Catholic? or
Remember this when you vote this November. Obama will shut down any Catholic church, regardless of our Constitution, with our Freedom of Religion, and Beliefs.

Mrs Obama had said:
Let’s start with babies. Of course we know that Obama would not want his daughter to be “punished with a baby” [sic] if she became pregnant. But it gets worse. In February of 2004, Michelle Obama authored a fund raising letter soliciting funds for Obama’s senatorial campaign.

Preaching to the radical, left-wing, pro-abortion, feminist choir, she railed against the federal partial birth abortion ban, and trumpeted the fact that her husband would never allow pro-life judges to interpret the law and would preserve the right of a woman and her doctor not just to perform an abortion, but to kill viable babies who were inches from life, by stabbing them in the head with scissors and sucking their brains out—euphemistically referred to as “partial birth abortion.” (Perhaps if commentators, politicians, and the rest of us referred to the procedure as “stabbing a nearly-born baby in the head and sucking his or her brains out” rather than “partial birth abortion,” people would better understand the hideous nature of this procedure.) But, back to the fund raising letter. Michelle Obama, when raising money for her husband, referred to “partial birth abortion” (“stabbing a nearly born baby in the head and sucking his or her brains out”) as:

“...a legitimate medical procedure.” [sic

Unless you are like "Itchy Watch", and are deaf, dumb, and blind
as to what Obama is doing, and intent on shutting down Catholic Hospitals, THE BLOOD OF THOSE UNBORN CHILDREN ARE ON YOUR HANDS!

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