Friday, February 17, 2012

Obama's Gamble

Obama’s Gamble
Hello everyone and welcome to The Vortex where lies and falsehoods are trapped and
exposed. I’m Michael Voris.
Well .. you certainly didn’t need the gift or prophecy to see this one coming. Despite the uproar over Obama’s command that Catholic institutions pay for birth control .. his long term gamble is well calculated.
In what is doubling as an ideological imposition AND a move which helps split the
bishops further from their flocks Obama is going all in on finally once and for all
neutralizing Catholic resistance to him. It will of course remain to be seen if his gamble pays off, but the first returns are coming in and initially, his gamble is paying off.
Look at these numbers from the Public Religion Research Institute. A majority of
Catholics actually SUPPORT Obama on this one over and above the bishops.
In fact the percentage of support among Catholics for Obama’s free birth control for
everybody plan, is actually greater than among the general population of Americans.
And who says Catholics are just gullible sheep, heck, we can actually blaze a trail
when it comes defying Divine Law.
Even if he does grant some kind of waiver to some Catholic groups the main point is
this, Obama has tested the waters and found that the support for the bishops among the overall catholic population really is as weak as everyone has long suspected.
What a dilemma for the US bishops. After squandering their moral authority for the past 40 plus years by laying in bed with the party of death, they are now paying the price. It was many most in fact, of the bishops themselves who have stayed deathly silent on the issue of contraception, so much so that it is nearly impossible to turn up one single document or letter or press release from the National Headquarters where that is the main topic.
Most of them have turned a blind eye and a deaf ear to their own priests counseling what is by now, millions of couples that the teaching on contraception is “official but not realistic”.
Most of them have allowed the contraceptive mentality to seize FIRM hold in the
parishes, even in the area of Natural Family Planning that’s often times treated as little else than Catholic Birth Control.
Most of them have for decades now pushed the idea that the GOVERNMENT and NOT
individual faithful Catholics should be carrying out the corporal works of mercy with
regard to the poor and sick. A large number of them have been complicit in the rise to power of this despot and now respond as though this some how came out of the blue. What we see unfolding before us is the consequence of 40 plus years of naïveté and political alliance with Caesar on the part of the American hierarchy.
Even today, in the midst of all this, many of them still continue to align themselves
with the policy goals of the party of death with regard to illegal immigration climate change and other policies on which reasonable men can disagree.
Yet too many of them tie their political and policy opinions to their moral offices as bishops as though to disagree with them on immigration for example is to challenge
Heaven itself.
A couple of months ago, they re-released the pathetic document, Faithful Citizenship,
a document that thankfully almost no Catholics know about or pay attention to if they do. In it,the garble of language and ambiguous competing principles essentially says nothing and claims nothing as being an absolute disqualifier for holding public office. Killing Children in the womb and supporting laws that allow this barbarism IS a disqualifier, automatically and undeniably. Yet nowhere is this clearly stated in the document. Practically all Democrats in office support this murder and yet nothing is really said about them .. much less DONE about them.
The National Bishops’ office publishes watered down ambiguous pamphlets about voting
for who your conscience says you should vote for, but never gets down to the nuts and
bolts about how a good conscience should be formed.
Here’s what needs to happen and the example is Blessed Pope John Paul II Himself. An
apology, a great big Nationally televised, much publicized apology. Hell itself has been allowed to run rampant in the Church for the past half century. The
bishops who have been complicit in this through their silence need to stand up and
1) ADMIT their complicity.
2) CONFESS .. for all the Catholic world to hear .. that they have been wrong in not
exercising their authority in charity as strong men do.
3) They need to publically ACKNOWLEDGE the grave disaster that they have allowed
to be reigned down on the Church .. down to the loss of hundreds of millions of souls
from the Faith .. AND IT IS Hundreds of Millions of Souls over all these years.
4) And when all of this has been publically confessed .. they must set about to make
AMENDS in very tangible practical ways. Dissident theologians must be summarily
fired. Catholic institutions that operate in the name of the Church yet defy Her infallible teachings must finally be cast off once and for all. Chanceries must be cleared of professional Catholics. Priests and religious that do no live moral faithful lives must be brushed aside.
In short .. a purification of the Church must begin and begin in earnest.
It was after all Catholic laymen in voting booths all over the USA that put Obama in the White House. They did it because they have been deceived through their lack of proper instruction in the Faith, which falls squarely on the shoulders of bishops whose job it is to teach the faith and safeguard it.
We have come to this sorry pass because too many shepherds have abandoned and
ignored the flock as the wolves have ripped it apart.
A MAJOR mea culpa is called for.
GOD Love you. I’m Michael Voris.

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