Saturday, March 13, 2010

For What?

Barack Hussein Obama, is obsessed with this health care. Why?
64-73% of Americans are satisfied with their health care so why is this need by him to make changes that the American Voters do not want. This will go down in history as the destruction of America, and the American Way. This President is a megalomaniac
and will destroy the Constitution of the United States of America.
This health care change will cut all of the Medicare coverage in order to pay for these changes, and diminish the seniors ability to live a healthy life. He does not care whether the Democratic party is destroyed in the process, which should have every Democratic Senator and Representative shaking in their boots, as the American voters will kick out of office every Democrat, Good or Bad. The pendulum swings just as far one way , as it does the other, and the whole barrel will be thrown out.
I had thought Jimmy Carter was the worse President we ever had, he now seems like an Angel compared to this President. We know that Congress has had the lowest approval rating in history, and has had that during the last 4 years of President Bush, in case no one remembers that.
You can not trust the Democratic Party as they have proven, even those that claim that they are anti-abortion, as they are being coerced into voting for a bill that sanctions use of our money to fund Abortions, as this President pushes for Abortions all over the world. To circumvent parliamentary proceedings and ignore the constitution of our country, is cause for this president to be impeached, and that goes for Pewlousy, and Harry Reediculous. Can you imagine waiting for 4 years after you have paid for something, to finally get it? And then find out that what you paid for is only 75% of what you had bought?
For them to state that there are MILLIONS of Americans without health care coverage, does not mean that they will not get health treatment. Any of them can walk into the hospitals(just as the illegals do), and be treated and cared for the same as anyone else. That is a political smoke screen, and does not ring true, that those people are without medical care. It is not too difficult to prove, just walk into the emergency room at the hospitals, and they will tell you that they can not turn away anyone that seeks medical treatments. If the President and Congress keep spending with the Health care fiasco, and the Cap and Trade bills, in 5 years our country will go into default the same as Portugal, Italy, Greece, and Spain are heading, to be followed by Great Britain, and then the United States of America.
You hard working people had better get on the telephone and computers, and let your voices be heard. We did not fight for freedom in 1776 for nothing, and to have taxes and spending pushed upon us , without representation , that truly represents what the American people feel. If this bill is pushed through, and rammed down our throats, without an outcry, and voting those who have done this out of office, then
we deserve what we get. Just think about how you will explain this to your Grand-children, as I don't think with the new health care you have to think about
great-grandchildren, as the health care committee that you will have to meet with every 6 months will not allow you to live that long.
This is my honest opinion. God Save us All

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