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Destruction of the Democratic Party. They did it to themselves

The harder they push to do so, the more mainstream voters they alienate altogether
Why the Democrats are on a suicide mission
By Online Wednesday, March 17, 2010
Wake Up America Movement Press Release

As a FOX commentator reminded viewers last night, the current Obama Care strategy is the use of “inevitability” to persuade undecideds to climb on the “bandwagon” while “demoralizing” opponents into believing they don’t stand a chance. In other words, it is no more than a “bluff.”

At this point, it’s looking likely this approach may turn out to be a “suicide pill” for the current Democratic party as a whole.

Those tracking the immediate scenario are getting cross-eyed and dizzy, reviewing hypothetical listings of who might be a No while who else is swinging into the Yes column. But, if we look at the bigger picture, important facts give good cause for optimism in the ultimate outcome.

Bluffing aside, Pelosi doesn’t have the votes to pass this monstrosity. And strong arm techniques being applied could be the last straw when it comes to the future of the “Change” administration. The “Slaughter” rule (named for an finagling legislator with no regard for the Constitution) could well presage how its application could decimate Congress’s ruling party. Reactions to Rep. Clyburn’s media claims that this “Deemed Passed” strategy is both logical and justified could do more harm than good. Even worse, if the “powers that be” follow through it’s more likely that will slaughter them, come November, than the GOP. At this point, their own demise is more “inevitable” than having their bluff succeed. The “writing is on the wall” and here’s why:

A pattern is emerging beneath these ongoing legislative skirmishes. Initially, most everyone went “along for the ride.” Not so, lately. Moderate Democrats are giving up on their party. Respected party figures, like Evan Bayh and Patrick Kennedy, have already announced their withdrawal from Congress. Frustrated for months in attempts to bring moderation and sanity back to the Hill, the exasperated Indiana Senator claimed that if he creates just one job in the private sector, he’ll accomplish more than Congress has done all this year! These are harsh words coming from a man who was, not long ago, considered an emerging party leader.

At the same time, key influence peddlers including Dodd and Rangel are soon leaving Capitol Hill as well. Murtha and Kennedy Sr. have gone to their reward. Other Democrats have opted for “early retirement” from office. Among these, including Gordon of Tennessee, are “sell-outs” who are moving into well paid positions that don’t require them to satisfy voters.

Adding up these emerging vacancies shows the party of “Change” now has as many holes in it as a piece of Swiss cheese. Emanuel has become a figure of ridicule, thanks, in part, to the Massa scandal. Rumors are that Axelrod is feeling “fatigued.” Senate majority leader, Reid, must contend with his own family’s health crisis. While Pelosi races forward in her determination to become the most unpopular figure in the history of Congress. Memorable quotes help, like her statement yesterday, that once we “beat down this door” we’ll move “more legislation” forward.

Feeding this self destructive saga by pushing Obama Care into law as “Deemed Passed,” with no roll call House vote, will result in every Democrat in Congress being held jointly responsible for its passage! The adverse impact of this record on those running in Blue Dog and Conservative districts cannot be overstated. We need only look back to the 2008 Presidential race to recall that Obama would not be in office were it not for the votes of moderate “Clinton Dems.” This voting bloc, by and large, is mad as hell over the party’s ObamaCare obsession at the expense of inaction on our economic crisis. The likelihood that these voters will remain in the Democratic column this November grows dimmer every day. Rest assured, the Tea Party movement will draw more from their ranks when the word spreads that the entire Democratic party is to blame for new laws that tax Americans for years before ascribing benefits!

Ironically, the final combustible ingredient in the Democratic party’s “suicide pill” has now been added to this mix, courtesy of In a widely publicized email campaign, this far left Soros funded organization, has openly announced its intention to place competitive candidates in nationwide primaries against any Democrat who votes down ObamaCare. If this intimidation sounds like a vote winning strategy, think again.

It’s one thing to be a Democratic Congressman who is told to ignore the will of your constituents. It’s quite another to be told that you are going to be ignored, too! The only thing “inevitable” at this point is that many undecided officials, who are moved from the “you’re so important” column to the new “you don’t matter at all” column are going to react accordingly - by deciding that loyalty to the party - in its current visage - isn’t so important, after all. Why?

Even with Soros’ money, Move On would be spread too thin to ever fulfill this bluff. Let’s say they actually drudge up an opposing candidate for each of these primaries. Will these “new” “progressive” candidates all have name recognition? Not likely. Will they have personal ties to the district to rapidly build a sufficient ground force to win? Not much of a chance. And will Move On, ACORN and the SEIU combined have enough funding to build favorable candidate recognition, flashy ads and literature and paid door-to-door staff to man this many Congressional races successfully? Of course not! It’s all a bluff and at least some savvy Congressmen will see right through it.

Seems the left is about to learn an obvious political lesson. There’s a world of difference between bolstering a major longstanding political party to shift it a bit to the left and, instead, taking over and replacing that party altogether. The harder they push to do so, the more mainstream voters they alienate altogether, the more impossible their task becomes. Now that they’ve determined to give the ultimate offense to their own party’s representatives in D.C. their toxic impact is working its way through the Democratic party’s intestines to destroy it from within.

What does all this mean for opponents of Obama? Odd as it seems, at this point it would be hard for us to lose. All we need to do really is stay informed, remain active in our opposition and keep growing our own swelling ranks with Democratic defectors who refuse to swallow their party’s bitter pill.

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