Thursday, July 19, 2012

Saving Spain? Go back to being a Catholic Country

Shut up, Socialists! Hello everyone .. and welcome to the Vortex .. where lies and falsehoods are trapped and exposed .. I’m Michael Voris coming to you from Madrid Spain Last night .. here in Madrid .. a protest vigil on the eve of the Holy Gather’s visit was held by socialists and atheists and self-described free-thinkers. They are rabble-rousing and demanding that the Pope’s trip be cancelled. Their reason .. that the Spanish economy cannot afford the tens of millions of euros it will take to pay for all the costs of security and construction and all the rest. But as usual when it comes to dealing with secularism .. there is a lie at the heart of it. In fact, you may as well count just about all of it as a lie. In this case, the lie is that Spain .. which is in the throes of an economic meltdown.. it has the worst economy in the industrialized world 21 percent unemployment for starters, they say that Spain cant afford this Papist extravaganza! Fair enough. BUT SPAIN ISNT PAYING FOR IT. All the cost is being met by the registration fees paid for by pilgrims .. private donors and corporate sponsors like Coca-Cola. The government is paying for anything. But that kind of hogwash from the secular-atheists crowd is typical. They either distort a truth or brandish a lie. They are masters at taking things out of context. And here’s a little detail you won’t hear form them. The million or so pilgrims descending on Madrid are expected to inject about 140 million euros into the Madrid economy. Guess that’s why we didn’t see any shop owners out at the anti-Catholic rally last night. They were too busy counting their euros in the back room. This kind of secularist garbage makes you sick. It’s nothing but lies and distortions. And in formerly Catholic Spain it makes your blood boil. The key word in that phrase is FORMERLY Catholic Spain. Why is it FORMERLY Catholic? Because just like all over the western world .. too much accommodation has been made for the secularist culture. Leaders and laity alike have for the most part simply yawned and not gotten off their rear ends and faced down these types of people and their ignorant idiotic philosophies. Spain’s economy is crashing. Could it have anything to do with the demographic winter descending on the country as its population ages dramatically and fewer and fewer couples are having fewer and fewer children. So what’s the atheist answer to that? Oh, lets make same sex marriage legal. Yea, that’ll solve all the problems over here. And all of the rest as well! Hey secularist atheists. The sick philosophy you propose of creating a society devoid of recognition of God and objective morality has landed the western world in the practically unrecoverable situation it is in today. What this group fails to understand is that sin has consequences in THIS WORLD as well as the next. When a society is built around core “VALUES” like free sex, the exaltation of the individual and a rejection of the past in other words relativism .. you get what you bargained for. Here is your brave new world you have so desperately longed for .. a collapsing economy bodies strewn all over the place in psychological and emotional pain. Divorce rates thru the roof .. children with only one parent .. single parents stressed beyond the point of effectively coping. You have rejected God .. and most importantly refuse to repent. When the floods come .. and the rain has already started to come down .. it will be too late for you to get into the ark. All this will be swept away. Don’t think yourself chic or hip or cool or smart. Many before you have tried to eradiate the Catholic faith .. and guess what? We’re still here because the God you refuse to acknowledge has given us an oath that he will be with us AS LONG AS WE ARE WITH HIM .. until the end of time. Dedicate yourself to challenging this evil. Its what you’ve been baptized for. GOD Love you. I’m Michael Voris

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