Sunday, July 1, 2012


In the approval of the Obama-care, justic Roberts has shown that they will not over-rule the choice that the American people have made in their leaders. Really? They are now forcing abortions,contraceptive, coverage by the Catholic church, and the Evangelical church, violating the 1st amendment, Freedom of religion. Is the Supreme court telling the American people, "You screwed up with your political choice, now live with it?" I guess so, but time will tell, as they still have the case by the Catholic Church to decide on. In that vein then, when the Republicans take over both houses, and repeal the Obama-health-care, that was rushed through, and Nancy Pewlousy told the house representatives, "You have to pass it, inorder to read it". Hey I have truckloads of stuff to sell you n a bag, but you have to buy it first, to know what is in it. Listen to this analogy:

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