Saturday, July 7, 2012

The beliefs of a False Catholic

Take a couple of days off and you two morons are still stroking each other. Now it's politics. And looks like we struck a nerve. From the largely incoherent Itchy rant, it appears that he would deny comprehensive healthcare to women because he's so obsessed with telling them what to do with their own bodies. Very disturbing, Itchy. Despite the ongoing stream of bull**** from Rome, the vast majority of Catholics don't agree with the Church's teachings on human sexuality. And thank God for that.[quote] My reply to the other poster whom he has maligned also: I thought I had seen it all, and now "Itchy Watch" has come out of the closet. He disagrees with Rome, and claims that a vast majority don't agree with the Church's teachings on Human Sexuality. He punctuates that with "thank God for that". What sewer is he living in? To say what he has said, and still to claim to be a Catholic? I guess he agrees with that woman that is a Lesbian, married her lover, is pro-abortion, and is expected to become mayor of New York City. Which is why I advocate . He is anything but a Catholic, I can just imagine where he is getting these ideas, with liberal priests and leaders like Nancy Pewlosy who claim to be catholics. God HAVE MERCY ON US. Can we be any closer to REVELATIONS? I wonder if "Itchy Watch" is writing a book called, "The Bible according to "Itchy Watch"? Dominus Vobiscum. do not stop praying for his tortured soul.

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