Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My reply on the other blogs

"Servant of ST. Michael"

"Itchy Watch" is extreemly immature, and childish. If you look at his posts, he is nothing about the substance of the posts, but simply ranting and ravings, and finally cursing, as "IT" has no intelligent replies. Like one in fear that his leader is going to be found out as anything but a Pastor, dedicated to his flock.
The true Pastor, has spent his entire life in caring, nurturing,and instructing his flock, and yes, has given his life for his flock. The new "TV Pastor" should have stayed on TV and Radio, and not try to be a "Pastor", as he is too inflated with his own ego, and admires himself too much. The damage done to OLLMP are beyond repair at this time, and no one is even trying to do anything to repair what Msgr has done to this church, that at one time, was a model of true Catholic reverence to Almighty God,
FATHER,SON,& HOLY SPIRIT. I have seen where the celebration of the Mass has turned into a circus affair, rather than a somber, revered celebration of Jesus, Body, Blood,Soul, & Divinity, present on the Altar. The new liberal,progressives of the parish,do not want to be reminded of "SIN", for it would stop them from having "FUN". I have news for them, the mass is a solemn celebration not a circus. If you are catholic, then you believe that Jesus is present at each and every mass, and what you receive is his Body,Blood,Soul,and Divinity, all of Jesus. DO THEY BELIEVE THIS? NOT BY THEIR ACTIONS, and they do not want to be reminded of this. "Itchy Watch" keeps saying that I am holier than thou, and I must keep reminding him, I AM A SINNER, just as we all are. But Pastors like Lisante, only sugar coat their speech, much as a Politician would do, just get elected. I really think he believes what he says, but he is wrong,and is leading his followers down the wrong path. Our Lord said not to be teachers,
as they will be dealt with more harshly, as they are responsible for leading many astray. Sin is like dust that collects on furniture, if you do not regularly clean it off, it will keep mounting up, and you will have not fine furniture, but a filthy mess. So too does sin, collect on our souls, and must be regularly cleaned off by going to confession. "OH, but I am not a bad person"
they claim, and yet they do not want to hear their faults. I am at the forefront, and must continuously try harder each and every day.
So too must every one else, but when we are young, we do not have time, nor want to hear it. But those with experiences have an obligation to pass on the failings we have experienced, and the salvation through Jesus Christ, who's mercy looked past our failings. I DO NOT FEEL HATE, for those that can not see Jesus as conservatives do, but panic, that they will be following the mistakes that we have made ourselves in our lives.
I did not expect to be on a soapbox, but my feelings had to be expressed, and I hope that the Love I feel for our Lord Jesus,has driven my words.
God Bless us All

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