Thursday, August 11, 2011

Email received on the "cutting of pastors roll call vindictive"

servant of Michael wrote:
anyone check out the fluctuation in the income from the parish weekly collections yet??
I see the pastor claims it is due to the "coming and going" of parishioners in the summertime.
Hmmm then what is the reason that all year there is an average of $4,000.00 difference?? from week to week???
just curious..heard through the grapevine that Georgia has been fired and more firings to come?
Who is doing the bookkeeping over there??

My reply
"servant of Michael" "St. Michael protect us in Battle"

Friend, I am very sorry to hear about Georgia. I had spoken to her this week, but she did not mention anything about this. I believe that in the end, the Bishops plan was to shut down OLLMP from the beginning(which I had posted in 2008). Msgr Lisante's job was to take down the parish. In order to achieve this goal, it was necessary for him to drive away the faithful Conservatives in the parish. His actions, when Blockley was ordered out of the parish,by the investigations performed by Conservatives in the parish, show the animosity of a Pastor, against his parish. Believing that he was "the last word" in the parish, and the opinions of the parish mean nothing to him, as his ego would not permit that to occur. Pray that this does not happen, but the fact that the Latin Mass has not been restored, is an indication of where the Msgr, with the blessings of the Bishop are heading.

I would not answer this "Itchy Watch" at all. "it" is just a young person taking up psychology in college, who does not want to have dialogue with anyone that is more intelligent than he.
He has refused to debate with "Your nonsense", "Tricks", "Obama loves me", and has accused them of being me. "It" originally was posting from Wantagh, and now posts from Edison N.J., probably from the Community College which specializes in Psychology courses,but also has a Psychology clinic, where he may be a patient. In any event, I had been advised by one I admire, to not answer "It", and to express the love and joy I have experienced in GOD, Father,Son,& The holy Spirit. "It" has not once tried to defend the Catholic Faith, and has aligned "Itself" with the Wicca sect., which shows you where his "Faith" is.

Matthew 10:33,

33“But whoever denies Me before men, I will also deny him before My Father who is in heaven."
Once again, Thank you for the information, & God bless you and your family with his love, mercy, and protection.

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