Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Is this what we have to look forward to?

I read a great piece by Romano Amerio, his book
entitled IOTA UNUM. In it he pinpoints why the Catholic church is imploding, and falling apart from the inside out, just as our Country is falling apart from the inside out. Both crisis, are
as Philosopher of Lugano defined, as "the most serious the church has ever experienced". The attack essentially perpetrated by men who belong to ther church's hierarchy, comes from within and not without.
Amerio's declaration quoted in "Iota Unum", in his speech to the Lombard College in Rome on December 7, 1968, Paul VI said,"The church is in a disturbed period of self criticism, or what would better be called self-demolition. "It is as if the Church were attacking herself".
His in depth analysis of "Modernistic appeal", and movement by many Pastors toward a "quasi-protestant Catholic church", is fueling the flames of destruction. Destruction of the consistancy of doctrine, leads not to freedom, but a destruction of the Catholic Souls, as self interpretation of the Bible, without explanations does. The insidious
laxing of the reverence of the Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity of our Lord in the Host, has opened the door to Satan, to tickle the human mind with his temptations.
When will the Church be resplendent once again in all her strength and purity? We do not know. But we do know the nature of the seduction that can be placed in the American category of secondary Christianity, that is to say, the idea that Christian faith derived its legitimacy from its ability to produce culture, and progress on the civil and purely human level:
......."the Church is setting aside its specifically supernatural nature, and blending its mission with the task of advancing civilization, fitting itself in as a help towards a more and just and brotherly world. The aim is to create a civitas hominica without denying a higher civitas daminica, but the links between the two are deliberately loosened with the aim of establishing a purely humanitarian world order."

And this is the effect taking place in American Catholic Churches today, being led by Msgrs, and Pastors,that are tearing apart the teachings, and reverence of over 2000 years, by appeasing the flock, instead of leading and teaching them.
It is more a situation of the tail wagging the dog.
And this is the situation that "Our Lady of Lourdes
Massapequa Park" finds itself in today. It all started with the induction of the new Pastor, and the steamrolling over the practices we enjoyed for the past years by our Pastors from the inception of our Parish. It was the heavy handed, dictatorship actions taken, without any consideration of the parishioners, that was objected to and rejected, and it just kept expanding. The Divine Mercy attendance was marvelous, and brought people from all over Long Island, and queens, and those that ran it,were thrown out of our parish, without any substantial reason.
Pretty soon we will stop adoring the Body, Blood,
Soul, and Divinity of Jesus, our Lord and Savior.

Our leaders have much to be proud of.


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