Tuesday, August 18, 2009

switch hitting is good for a baseball player, but not a politician.

Did you watch the disgraceful attempt by party-switcher Senator Arlen Specter during his recent town halls? Talk about being out of touch with reality! Trying to silence individuals who wish to speak their minds, letting their elected officials know where WE The People stand, is crazy!

Maybe Senator Specter agrees with his own Democrat Party’s House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who called these patriotic demonstrations “un-American!”

Senator Specter may not be getting the message, but thanks to you, the people of Pennsylvania are!

In a recent poll, conservative Pat Toomey leads Specter by 12 points in a head-to-head match-up!

That same poll found that the people of Pennsylvania are against Specter’s party’s liberal government health plan, 53% to 42%!

Yet, Senator Specter refuses to hear from his own constituents at town halls.

Given his massive deficit in the polls, you can bet Barack Obama is going to try and save Arlen Specter. Obama needs liberals like Specter in the Senate in order to pass his big-government agenda. Specter, if you’ll remember, switched parties because he knew he couldn’t win his party’s nomination, and was fearful of the general election as well.

Now, he flipped and even wants to force people into public votes on whether to join unions through the so-called 'Card Check' legislation. All for a few more votes from the left. Talk about political expediency - unfortunately, something we've come to expect from Arlen.

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