Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Our Lady of Lourdes is in Trouble caused by the new pastor

In the bulletin July 19,2009, Msgr James Lisante is trying to bring back to OLL MP
the same people that his actions(or whomever he left in charge) had driven away.
He now is asking the people that like his modernistic approach to our religion, to ask those same people to return. To What? Has he changed suddenly, is the childrens mass restored? Is the statue of Fatima, that was gifted to Oll MP been return? Is the late saturday night confession restored for those that worked during the day Saturday? Is the once a month confessions in the school being returned? Will the Latin mass be rotated as it was before? Why was it exiled to 1:30pm, and not left to rotate with the other masses, was it for fear that others in the parish may be exposed to reverence to our Lord Jesus, Body, Blood, Soul & divinity?
Was there a fear that the parish would ask for more than one Latin Mass on Sunday?
Father Peter of Maria Regina and the Bishop should be notified that the Pastor of
OLL MP is trying to lure away those that are worshiping at another parish because of the actions taken by the new Pastor. The donations to OLL MP have steadily diminished and lately the Pastor of OLL MP is asking the parishioners to contribute more for those attending the school. During these tough times which will be getting tougher as Obama increases the taxes on everyone, not just those that make over $250,000 per year, as Timothy Geitner wants an increase on taxes for the middle classes, particularly for those on Social Security checks to dig deeper.
Had Msgr Lisante left things as they were, and possibly left Fr Mason in charge while he is making his television preparations, and his Radio preparations, and leaving the parish in charge of who know who(I can guess but won't) because he is only around 1 day a week, there never would be a lack of donations, and the Spirit of Our Lady of Lourdes, would still be there.
Bishop Murphy is just a much to blame, as his mind had been made up long before
400+ of us attended the meeting, and voiced our oppinion that we wanted another traditional pastor to take over for Fr Mason.
I had offered Msgr Lisante directly in emails, telephonel calls, letters, (as many of our parishioner had done) in addition to getting the Vicar of RVC to mediate a solution to the problem with what the new pastor had done, all had gone unanswered,
leaving my telephone number for call back, was futile, and one woman that left a letter for Msgr Lisante, was told by him that the letter had been turned over to his team of Lawyers. Way to go Pastor, how loving and kindly you take care of your parishioners, do you know the meaning of the word "Pastor" ? Like the good shepherd
you should care for those in your charge, not ignore them, and leave them to be eaten by the wolves.
How sad that our Catholic Church should be lead by Bishops that are trying to
bring more parishioners into our church by making us into Protestants. Instead you should be leading us into a more faithful Catholic life, by returning back to the pre-vatican II liturgy, with reverence in the mass to the Body, Blood, Soul, and
Divinity, of our Lord Jesus.
Keep praying for our return to OLL as it had been, as people from all over flocked to our parish for truth in the liturgy, not clapping for teachings that we heard, but reflection in our minds and hearts, at the teachings of old.
With broken heart, but not spirit,
Yours in Jesus

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