Saturday, August 29, 2009

Just for giggles, but pretty accurate

Inspired by a comment in the ComBox of the last cartoon, here's the Pope doing what he can to rebuild some Tradition into the Church. Of course, every time that he does, you see the uproar and disdain from those committed to a "new Church", which claims a history only as far back as 1968.

Recently we saw the uproar over the whole SSPX/Holocaust issue. As though someone who thinks a certain way on a particular issue can't possibly be allowed in the Church. And, to be clear, I certainly wouldn't deny the Holocaust. But if someone wants to deny it, or take issue with the # of people lost, I figure, hey, it's a free world.

But the uproar that it created, both on the theological Left and Right, was just too over the top, when you consider that we have things like this =====> going on in parishes that are considered more "in communion" with Rome than an SSPX parish.

There are parishes like this all over the country, but I don't see anything being done about it. The silence, or in some cases, outright endorsement of this sort of thing by dioceses and Archdioceses (in this case, Baltimore), makes the uproar over Bishop Williamson seem hollow.

Parishes like this St. Bernadette's are "in communion". But an SSPX isn't. Wow.
Posted by Paul Nichols

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